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Jamaica is one of the world’s most beautiful countries which has been staggered for years by poverty and tainted with corruption as a part of its reputation of sun-kissed greenery and white sand beaches. And like any struggling society, a saviour would be appreciated; someone who will promise and deliver positive changes, where the citizens of the island could then exercise a new pride which spawns from the comfort they receive.

If I was Prime Minister of Jamaica, my governing methods would appear unconventional in comparison to what the Jamaican citizens have grown accustomed to.

My precedent would show care for the welfare of the citizens more than my pride for the island; the land is already beautiful, as a gift of nature, but it is people who are unhappy and need my assistance.
My first action as Prime Minister would be to provide every single household, schools, libraries and other institutions with a free copy of the full constitution which governs Jamaica and the rights of its citizens; this way, I am sure that all citizens have been given the opportunity to equally participate in its democracy.

Secondly, I would double the current wages of all government security and judicial members, including Judges, Police, Army, Coast Guard and Correctional Officers; the wages of politicians would also be increased.

Thirdly, I would refurbish and expand all adult correctional facilities.

Fourthly, I would create a shadow ministry to watch over these members, for the sole purpose of making sure that each individual carries out his/her duty and responsibility in the fullest respect of the law; also there would be a second shadow ministry which watches over the first shadow ministry for the same purpose.

Upon receiving review reports, any member of the government security, judicial body or Member of Parliament who has strayed from respecting the law, even in the most minute way, would lose his or her position and sent to prison; this way it will be clear to the Jamaican citizens that corruption will not be tolerated and no man will be above the law.
All people shall be treated equally the same despite their, sex, colour, profession or wealth status, but individuals who are given responsibilities which benefit from the trust of the citizens, and violates that trust, shall be penalized harsher than the common citizen; Judges, Police Commissioners, Correctional Officers and field constables would be reviewed intensively.

The Governor General and his purpose would be declared more transparently to the citizens, giving them the power to vote on whether or not his purpose is relevant.

The implementation of a more substantial welfare system, for the poor, would be put in place.

Marijuana would be legalized, with license farmers, and become a part of Jamaica’s export to generate funds and create employment.
Weed jamaicas
A new tax tier would be introduced, where the rich would pay twice as much tax as the poor and businesses which earns from tourism would pay more tax than any other non-tourism businesses.

Small business loans, by the government, would be more feasible to attain with fair interest rates and an agreement of imprisonment, if not paid back.

Every business, from small to major corporations, would have to pay a recorded tax; this way the country will independently maintain its welfare system.

Public hospitals and schools would be upgraded while doctors, nurses and teachers receive new incentives.

Low income neighbourhoods would be given basic replacements homes consisting of the necessary facilities and utilities, at low cost rent to the government.
Finally, I would present a written proposition to the general public, explaining our option of borrowing money from wealthier countries, and forever be in debt, or selling a tiny percentage of the island, to the highest bidder, and have an independent power of financial reserve for decades to come.

Ian T. Sebàs © 2016

I can remember many years ago, when a friend and I were chit-chatting and the conversation led from one thing onto U.S. politics, in which we both agreed in beliefs that there would be a white woman president before there would ever be a black president of the United States; it is clear that we were wrong, Barack Obama, a black man, became the 44th male president in 2009 and to this day, no woman, black or white, has ever been president.
My prediction was again proven wrong for thinking that there would never be another George Bush as president, when George W. Bush, somehow, became president in 2001, after his father presided from 1989 to 1993.

So, clearly, when it comes to political predictions, I wouldn’t even bet on myself, but maybe the reason for my unsuccessful predictions lies with the fact that I am not political and I do not vote. Ironic, I know, but I have my reasons; for most of you who do not already know, when I was a child, politicians promised gifts to the children of my neighborhood, including me, and after broadcasting us, via television, receiving those gifts, once the television cameras were turned off, the politicians took the gifts back, leaving us empty-handed and brokenhearted.

For this reason, as much as I believe in the ‘idea’ of politics, I do not believe in actual politics and what it has represented in reality.

To make it clearer, I hold a grudge against politics since I was a child and I will never support it.

Still, being an active part of society, I do listen and pay attention to what is promised and which directions society heads or intend to head in.

Elected leaders, who exercise any of what I believe politics should be about, have often gained my fondness, despite not having my vote, and to this day, most of those favorable leaders have led the democratic party; so, I guess it is fair to say I find the views of democrats more virtuous than of the republicans.
And as the double term presidency of Barack Obama approaches its end, it is being talked about that Donald Trump intends to run for president; this, for me, is another prediction opportunity.

For most of you who do not know the name Donald Trump, he is the billionaire with the funny-looking hair, which seem impossible to ever be combed or styled properly, he owns the Trump Organization which includes properties in Atlantic City, New Jersey; he doesn’t own the city of Atlantic City, just some casinos, hotels etc; anyway, that’s him.

Apparently, Donald Trump, a former democrat now a republican, wants to be the next POTUS, and I am going to predict that “It will not happen!”
Despite his billions and his loud mouth, Mr. Trump, probably for one reason or another visit the White House in the future, but to call it home, is very unlikely.

I said, despite his loud mouth, when I shouldn’t have. I do not know Donald Trump, personally, I have only been to Atlantic City and lost a few dollars at the Taj Mahal on occasions, but it is his loud mouth, over the airwaves, which brought me to my prediction.

His hair does bother me and no, I do not agree with most views from the republicans, but these have no burden to my belief that Mr. Trump will not become the next President of the United States.

Bill Clinton was a great president, loved by all, not only in the United states of America, but globally; I can’t say the same for George Bush, but who knows, that could rely on so many different things.

Politics can sometimes be like a draw of the straws, and a leader whose intentions may be good, their timing in office could be so wrong, making it crucial; take for example when Tony Blair, a great UK Prime Minister, was in office and had to make war decisions, based upon political compliance instead of personal beliefs, he was badgered for doing what he had to do.

Barack Obama changed the face of U.S. presidency and the global point of views on America, when he became president, and yes, it was historic because he is black.

Black People and anti-racial non-blacks, worldwide, rooted for Barack Obama to become president of the United States of America, and if given the chance to vote, those people, worldwide, would have voted, making Barack Obama the most likable president to ever preside in any country of the world.

People who voted, for Barack Obama, voted for two reasons, 1. He is Black, so despite his political arguments in the race to the White House, Barack Obama was a sure win, people wanted to see a change, even if that change meant a different colour skin and 2. Others voted democratically on the drafted ideals and promises made.
Barack Obama
Mr. Obama’s first run was a win-win because the country was in ruins, and could not have gotten any worse. Barack Obama was a face of change, so all kinds of sympathizing aid would come to him, if needed; after all, the first time a black man received the chance of leadership, most did not want to see him fail.

He is probably the safest president of the United States, despite anti-negro clans, KKK etc. and their ill-will intentions, Barack Obama is probably the only president of modern times that could walk to the corner store without being kidnapped or killed, because if he was ever hurt, there would not be just a war in America, but in the world.

That being a fact, proves my opinion of him being the world’s most likable president, and that being so, makes the White House a ‘wishful thinking’ for Donald Trump whose mouth, during the Obama Administration, has clearly defined him as anti-Obama.

Being anti-Obama raises many questions about an individual which includes “Are you American or un-American?”

American, in this sense, respects and upholds all of which the United States of America is built upon, including the Declaration of Independence, The Fourteen Amendments and all other righteous doctrines which supports the pillars of the United States of America, and being un-American simply means that one or all of the pillars are not respected.

Secondly, if a person who is anti-Obama claims to uphold all of the above, then it is clear that such person is racist, and if they are indeed racist, it also violates some doctrines of said pillars (“all men are created equal…” )
Donald Trump has professed his ideals of America, by forgetting that there are no true Americans, other than the native Indians, and that majority of the US population are made up of immigrants’ off-springs.

Mr. Trump’s satisfaction of having US citizenship, on paper, from being born on the soil of the United States of America and his successful achievements have somehow gone to his head and blind him of the country’s foundation and history.

For a country that is built and still existing on the livelihood of immigrants, the last thing a presidential candidate should be leading his campaign with, is an anti-immigration proclamation.
Donald Trump Holds Rally At Grand River Center
I think that Mr. Trump has too much money and it is wrongly fuelling his ego; instead of heading for the White House, Donald Trump could invest some of his money in his own house; a new boardwalk would be nice and the nearby brown water beaches could use some clearing up.

Ian T. Sebàs © 2016


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