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Watch and learn about Jamaica’s passport powers and its visa-free zones, including the Caribbean Communities, a comparison to US and UK passports and commentary questioning the intelligence of Jamaicans with a suggestion that they were naive to allow sanctions of UK visas, while the Queen of England remains as Head of State.
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Although I am not a U.S. national nor citizen, being born in the Caribbean, on the Continent of America, entitles me as an American; a nationality which has often been misinterpreted as solely belonging to the U.S.A. and not the other remaining 52 countries.

Still, when the term ‘Black Americans’ is tossed around, I usually disassociate myself and allow it to point at the intended black people in the U.S.

The U.S.A. tries to claim the nationality ‘American’ clearly because, unlike the other 52 countries in the Americas, the United States of America does not have an individual name. This could be because it is a landlocked mass, rumored to have been stolen, by Europeans, from the Red Indians (a.k.a. Native Americans), who look more like Mexicans, who were spawned from the Arawaks and whose bloodline still lingers in a lot of the Caribbean people, today.

Considering that theory, the land mass, which is today called U.S.A. belongs more to the South Americans and Caribbean People than any other.

But over the course of centuries, trickery and politics have played their ways successfully to this era, where Black Americans are crying for help and a presidential candidate’s slogan can state, “Let’s Make America Great Again”, with an undertone to suppress the rights and existence of its non-white inhabitants, and still succeed to presidency.

The United States of America has been the most colourful country for the year 2017. With the help of mainstream and social media, people worldwide, even those who weren’t formerly interested in politics, are able to see what appears to be the ugly truth of a nation, once deemed the world’s greatest.

The U.S.A. is now a divided place, and for the first time, as the usual war-readiness revs for external opponents, who are brandishing missile-abilities, feuds are also revving within its borders, and similarly to its renowned motion picture releases, the world is on edge with an anticipation that the U.S.A. is likely to be at war with itself, sooner than it will be with any other country.

A potential race war seems to be strengthening, daily, in the Unites States of America, as smart phones aid social media sites with more and more evidence of an increase in racial profiling and deadly attacks. In almost every case, it has been a black person versus a white police officer; disgusted by some and appreciated by others.

After contemplating on this, the slogan’s undertone, reported deaths and abuses, a dulling truth was revealed.

Black people in the U.S.A. are currently targeted and treated as if their whole existence, since the chains were broken, have solely represented being a menace to that society; an unfair stigma, where broadcasted footage shows a cockroach-like treatment, with an apparent goal set to eradicate or put them back in chains.

And, for an instant, I thought, “What if that wish was ever granted?”

“What if Black People in the United States of America were successfully removed?”

And not just ‘removed’ physically, but also taking with them, their contributed legacies.

“How great would the U.S.A. be then?”

The United States of America would be nothing without Black Americans; African Americans have enriched the U.S. culture with flavours that could never be attained without them.

A Country is just a land mass, nothing more; it is people, who add cultures to countries.

For example, Jamaica is a land known for its sunshine and white sand beaches, but let’s face it, Jamaica is not the only place on Earth with sun, sand and sea, but the warmth of its people, their welcoming and laid-back attitudes, foods, drinks, music, sports and other entertainments are what add flavours for Jamaica’s cravings.

So, imagine a United States of America without Black People and their music, their foods, their contributions to sports and fashion, their humour, their ideas and entrepreneurial spirits; moreover, imagine the U.S.A. without an era of Barack Obama, and what you will realize is that this inevitable tumble of the U.S.A., would have occurred a decade ago.

“The U.S.A.’s greatness once resonated, above all other countries, because of its apparent multi-racial fairness and unity.” – Ian T. Sebàs

© Ian T. Sebàs

© Ian T. Sebàs 2017

Barack and Michelle Obama (former POTUS and First Lady) drawn by Artist Tina Sebàs.

In 1993 I was arrested and charged for a crime which I never actually committed and by 1994 I was well on my way to the big house, you know, the penitentiary.

At first, I rebelled at the injustice of my situation; I was found guilty, simply because I was the perfect fit for an alleged crime. Back then, in the United States of America, prison was big business, and as young and naïve as I was, by the time the prosecutor finished drilling me, even I was convinced that I was guilty.

Don’t get me wrong, during the period of me being a teen to my mid-twenties, I was no saint. I did things that could certainly be considered as against the law, knowingly or unknowingly, and I have been on locations where I knew that my mere presence there was risking at least a charge for conspiracy; you know, wrong place, wrong time or indirect guilt.

The laws of the United States of America, back then, were of no importance to me or so I thought until I learnt that, for example: if four people were stopped in a car and an illegal firearm was found, at the indiscretion of a prosecutor, all four could be equally and legally charged for possession of a deadly weapon.

As for my arrest and guilt in 93’, I quickly learned that being black, born in Jamaica and living in the inner-city of Philadelphia, were all that was required for a finding of guilt matching the allegations.
It was not a “black thing” either, it was a judicial trend at the time. If you were of Italian descendants, an allegation of extortion meant a finding of guilt and if you were of Colombian descendants, an allegation of cocaine possession, especially in great weight, meant that you were guilty and as far as being African, an allegation of documentation fraud meant guilty too.

So, me being of Jamaican heritage, any allegation that involved possession of drugs, gun or an assault held a 99.5% chance of being found guilty; an almost waste of money to hire an attorney.

But I was young, believed in the system and had faith that the truth would prevail, so I hired an attorney and within the blink of an eye, well, within a few months, it was clear that nothing nor anyone could prevent my fate.

My initial reaction was of pure anger; wherein, at some point, I must have said “Life is just….. followed by variants of explicit descriptions, but years later, I found myself saying “Life is Just.”

Yes, no follow-up explicit, simply “Life is just!”
Because if it was not for the injustice which I experienced, I doubt very much that I’d have another reason to commence my legal studies.

The experienced injustice combined with my fierce resentment led me to study international laws and the laws of my chosen resident country.

Since then, I have lived in three different countries on two of the world’s Continents, studied their laws and although, today, I am not an attorney-at-law, the acclamation of being an International Legal Consultant, spawned out of an injustice, is a pride, which brings a smirk of irony to my face that translates to “Life is just.”

© Ian T. Sebàs 2017

© Ian T. Sebàs

© Ian T. Sebàs

If there’s one thing to be learnt from the Donald Trump’s presidential reign, it is that the word “democracy”, in the USA, has lost its true definition; the Declaration of Independence and the Fourteen Amendments may as well be put in the White House basement while the Don sits in the Oval Office.

The United States of America has moved its position, in the world, from being most distinguished to being most comical, while the rest of the world are bamboozled and tickled by its activities.

Donald Trump, the 45th US President is to be blamed; he represents mockery of a national pride held by the USA for centuries, and will go down in history as the most controversial US president.

2017 will be marked as the turning point of when the United State of America truly lost face and grace. Social media is currently ablaze with hashtag Donald Trump posts; endless writings in ridicule and resentment of the US President.
Interestingly, some resentments and ridicules are from people around the world, other than US Citizens, but most dominantly, on the internet, are resentments from US Citizens; and who can blame them, after all, it is clear that they have been hoodwinked.

Meanwhile some Third World Countries are finding a shadow of humor in the latest US drama, and although they are sadden for the new position which US Citizens have now found themselves in, the irony is seen as an overnight First-World to Third-World transition.

The United States of America is currently demonstrating a similar kind of democracy which has been exercised in most Third World Countries for decades; whereas, the voice of the people is mute, despite their moving lips.
It is the type of abuse which the Americans, in past times, would gossip about over their morning coffees while feeling safe in their bubble of true democracy, before quickly forgetting that it is a real occurrence, affecting real people; now it has become their position and the original Third World Citizens are sarcastically saying, “Welcome to the club!”

“Home of the Brave” has turned out to be nothing more than wordplay of an impressive, but empty quote; it was expected that the so-called brave Americans would put up a fight and not be bullied into a dictatorship.

Democracy, especially, the kind of democracy which US Citizens were once entitled to, is an asset worth fighting for.
Democracy also means that if a sitting President is being protested, by a majority of his or her Country, the majority shall always rule and the President must step down to the satisfaction of the citizens; however, this move appears to be an impossibility in a Country which once prides itself on the plateau of democracy.

“Land of the Free” is currently being questioned. “Freedom to do or of what?”

God bless America.

© Ian T. Sebàs 2017

© Ian T. Sebàs

© Ian T. Sebàs

The 45th US President has been inaugurated
A sham or a man, which is still being speculated
A self-made, successful and conceited billionaire
Who, now, sits as Commander and Chief in the US’ highest chair

But we must accept his presidency in abidance of the rules
Despite our beliefs that him and his Comrades are fools
When life hands us lemons, we should make lemonade
And now that it’s handed us Trump, we should all be brave

Find courage within ourselves, which we never had to sought
And more fearlessness than ever before, shown, in battles that we fought
Because America and the world’s future have never been more uncertain
Before this show get started, we all want to look behind the curtain

To know if it’s going to be free-styled or legislated scripts will be followed
“Will our livelihood be fine or become chewed up and swallowed?”
Because assurances to humanity remain absent when he speaks
And that is why we hope he steps down or gets himself impeached

Otherwise, his Advisors should simply not let him talk
But use scripts and have someone speak on his behalf
After all, we could all have misinterpreted Donald Trump
Who may turn out to be the real-life Forrest Gump

A man who lacks the ability of uttering wise words
But possess a height of good morals, never seen nor heard
All things are possible, and so, this could be the case
“President Trump, the stage is yours to shock us all or terribly fall from grace!”

© Ian T. Sebàs 2017

© Ian T. Sebàs

© Ian T. Sebàs