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Rapper, Jay-Z drawn by Artist Tina Sebàs

Pencil Art of Rapper Kanye West by Artist/Illustrator Tina Sebàs of ArtPees (2018).

Rapper Tupac Amaru Shakur  (1971 - 1996) drawn by Artist Tina Sebàs (2016)

Rapper Tupac Amaru Shakur (1971 – 1996) drawn by Artist Tina Sebàs (2016)

NOTORIOUS BIG by TinaSebàs (640x478)

Solomon G Reality Williams (6)
Rapper Solomon Williams aka Mr G Reality of Chicago, Illinois (USA) has teamed up with independent Swiss-based/Italian Music Producer, Giuseppe ‘Cianuro’ Simone of Teste Matte, as Contributors of music to Ian T. Sebàs’ intended biopic from the book SURVIVED Raw and Unedited.

Rapper Williams, after realizing what the book is about, expressed his immediate interest and mirrored relations which are mostly echoed through his music. Williams, who has been doing music for the past 17 years, achievements include three (3) previous albums titled, The Message, One Day, and Reflection of Image; accredited to him is also the mixed-tape, Stop the Violence, Increase the Peace.

Religious praises of Christ (Jesus Christ) can be heard throughout his music, which often time promotes hope of escape from hardships and daily struggles and encouragements of preservation and endurance, all within his music as offerings of strength.

SURVIVED Raw and Unedited, which is a success story of the same spectrum, transpires the same message and faith of Mr. G Reality, and for this reason, the rapper is more than happy to be aboard with his music as a part of the film’s soundtrack.
Music producer Giuseppe ‘Cianuro’ Simone, a long-time friend of the Author, who knew Williams made the connection after reading the book, SURVIVED Raw and Unedited.

“I knew the author on a personal level, but after reading his autobiography, I began to understand him even more, and it was simply those two factors I used to introduced him and Mr. G Reality together; ITS (the author) loves truth, words from the heart, and that is what Mr. G Reality does” says the Swiss-based producer before closing with “The union is perfect, and everyone is happy about it!”

Author Ian T. Sebàs, who planned to be as active as possible in the directing of his biopic says, “I want to hold an executive role in the production of my film, that way the story is not watered-down for one reason or another; the book is real and the emotions can be felt from each page, therefore, the film must be just as or even more effective, considering that it is a motion picture.”

The author, after being questioned about the newly formed relationship with the Chicago-based Rapper commented, “I am already a fan of Mr. G Reality’s music, I became a fan immediately after I listened to his song “We Can Make It”, the lyrics were reflections of my life and I could relate to his words and his tone, plus the video itself gave me goose-bumps; the director of the video, P. Noble, did a great job!”
Ian T. Sebàs commended producer Cianuro for the introduction and also explained the immediate actions and plans for the future.
“Cianuro sent me a link to Mr. G Reality’s music and then I told him that it was ok to make the connection, we chatted on a three-way conference for about two hours, and it was great; I now look forward to working with Solomon and Giuseppe on the soundtrack!”

Sebàs, a Jamaican national, whose story began in Jamaica before transcending to the USA wants both Jamaican Reggae and Dancehall music on the soundtrack along with American RnB and Rap.

Warning: This blog contains sexual and erotic references, and should not be read by individuals who are resentful of such writings!!!

No, I was not sexually abused as a child nor am I guilty of any other psychoanalytic mumbo jumbo theories that are usually concluded when someone like me is known. I am just like most human beings, who became addicted, after discovering one or a few of life’s many treats that are thrown at us, during our lifetime. For most people, it’s their tongue that got them started, after discovering speech and taste. Yeah, we learn how to speak and from that point on some of us just can’t seem to stop blabbering, and for another set, their tongue woke up the sense of taste, and they were hooked, fell head over heels for food, becoming big fat blobs and gluttons.
I too learnt to talk and have used the ability quite abundantly, but was an unqualified chatterbox in comparison to the masses, and my tongue’s taste buds have also discovered food’s variety, which I must admit to have equally entertained and enjoyed; in other words, I ate like a pig and have put away some food in my lifetime, but as for being a blob or glutton, I’ll let you be the judge of that.

I remember when I was around twelve years old, the best two foods in the world to me was fried chicken and grapenut ice cream, and then a few years after, it was carbonated soft drinks and chocolate coated nuts. By my mid-teens I was in love with music and around the same time, I was introduced to the controlled substance, weed, and dabbled out of curiosity, then it was gambling, then it was fashion, then it was fast cars; taking risk peaked my interest for a while, turning me into an adrenaline junkie, but for some strange reason, nicotine and caffeine never seem to rock my boat, so cigarettes and coffee were skipped.


My very first love was school, I really loved being taught new things then quizzed on what I learned; I loved it. And although cartoons were funny, televisions and comics never really caught my attention, as a child, neither did toys, but crossword puzzles, oh yes, I couldn’t get enough of those books.

Still, not even those crossword puzzles held my attention as consistently as CENSORED WORD did; yes, CENSORED WORD, not the feline, pussycat; I was never a pet person. I am talking about the woman’s BLEEP!, also known as the punaany, the goody-goody, the snatch, the CENSORED WORD, the poonash, the fur-burger, the poom-poom, the kitty, the love zone, the slit to be worshipped and so many other names.


The BLEEP! is so famed, that it has more aliases than a confused Rapper. Yes, after my first introduction to CENSORED WORD, I was hooked, I was more than hooked; I believe that the day when I lost my virginity was the day I actually found a purpose to live…..

The content of this blog is from the book MoF….read synopsis here