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Damion Crawford (Politician, Jamaica)

Art by Tina Sebàs

The Hon. Andrew Holness of Jamaica

Art by Tina Sebàs

The evening news is no different from a fiction novel or a motion picture. Still, I watch it, sometimes, for the sake of being entertained, but do I believe any of what I see or hear; the answer is no.

You heard right, I do not believe any of that broadcasting information, and even though there may lie some truth among the stories, I do not have the time to sift out the rubbles to find the grains.

And it has nothing to do with me having insights on how far some Journalist will go to have saleable stories, but it has everything to do with an experience I had as a child and everything to do with my appreciation of having the gift to write.

Starting with the latter of the two, some people could not write a half page of a story about any subject, even if their lives depended on it.

And after learning this, I realized that my ability to find words instantaneously for a story or when writing a book or a blog, music or poetry, facts or fictions, was not just a skill, but a gift which all people do not possess.

I, in turn, admire this gift and every person who also possesses it.
The ability to write, proficiently, is having a power, in a sense, and my belief is that gifted individuals, who possess a power, such as writing, should use it for the greater good in serving mankind.

And when this power has been exercised ie. through broadcasting media or in a book, trust is often given to these individuals, but whenever it is discovered that writing, journalism or broadcasting are used to brainwash and extort the emotions of other people, my heart immediately breaks and an insult is taken to something which I genuinely represent with purity.

Fictions should be labelled fiction, in respect to the Gift of Writing and the trust of readers, but it is not so, and I doubt that it ever will be.

When I was a child, I had the opportunity to be on television. I was born poor and lived in a derelict community, and as it was nearing Christmas, the representing politicians for my neighbourhood saw it thoughtful to play Santa Claus and bring the kids, such as me, gifts; at least, that’s what our parents thought at the time.

It was a Sunday, I’ll never forget it, and his name was something Spaulding. I remember him being this big black dude, who wore some extremely dark glasses; I could not see his eyes, no matter how hard I tried.

Anyway, there was a camera crew and a stage set up for us; excitement was rife too. I was dressed in the best that my mother could find and pre-geared with a cheesy smile and the words “thank you”.

And like a pro, I executed them, as I collected my gift and the cameras rolled.

The next day was Monday and some of my classmates, at school, were buzzing with excitement off the fact that they saw me on television. But the real question by those who saw me and from those who didn’t see me, was “What was the gift?”

“Gift, what gift?”

My classmates saw me collect a gift and smiled for the cameras, yes, they did. But what they didn’t see, was that after the cameras were turned off, the apparent gift was taken back from me, leaving a community of outraged parents high and dry.

“So, do I believe television?”

“I believe television as much as I believed that the antennas actually came out of the head of My Favourite Martian!”
antenna - My Favorite Martian
© Ian T. Sebàs 2015

I, for one, don’t watch the news, and although at times while flicking through my TV channels, I periodically stopped and listen to what is ‘so called’ going on in the world, I never take the news seriously. In my opinion, it is only entertainment, a whole lot of empty propaganda, and it seem as if, nothing else makes the news unless it falls under subjects that are aimed to either worry or depress us.
When I was a child, I did make the news once, I was briefly broadcasted on a news segment, when the local politician came to my neighbourhood, and gave all the little children, including myself, gifts wrapped in pretty paper. Our innocent smiles and the glee in our eyes must have touched the hearts of the millions of people who had seen that particular clip.

I imagined, the TV station had it’s ratings boosted and the politician’s credential and campaign funds must have also elevated.

But what the millions of viewers did not know, was that after the cameras were turned off, all the gifts were retracted, our smiles instantly turned to frowns; we were mere unpaid actors, betrayed children, who were used successfully to sell the news.

I know most of you reading this blog, are startled by what you just read and might be questioning the soundness of this story, but yes, it is true, a real life experience. Still, hold your compassion, because I am no longer that child, I am all grown up now, and over that hurt; after all, I was never sure if the G.I. Joe figure that I was hoping for, was even in that wrapper; for all I know, it could have been a rock.

So maybe it’s just me or maybe I learnt a lesson from that particular experience. I will forever think that behind every broadcasted news there’s the real news. And although most may say, “Hey, you must watch the news to know what is happening!” I don’t think so.
If they are going to bomb my city or release deadly gases to kill us, simply because two guys wearing suits disagreed on shares, it’s very little I can do, anyway; so what’s the need?

The way I see it is, if there’s ever a need to run for the hills, no one will be at an anchor desk telling us, he or she will be running too, so all the news I will need in that case will be outside my window, the entire neighbourhood will be screaming and shouting; that’s a priceless alert.

As far as politics and religion are concern, feud is human nature, without it, men would die of boredom; so it will always be on the news; men pointing fingers at each other for one reason or another. If we were all one colour, all one race and speak one language, we probably divide ourselves by who has the whitest teeth, just to make news. 