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Rapper, Jay-Z drawn by Artist Tina Sebàs

Artist Tina Sebàs sat down, in our studio, and shared her arty beginning and all its follow-ups, which have led to her embrace of over-sized acrylic paintings.

The British-born Artist of Jamaican descendants, walked us through her life, which included her school attendances in Birmingham, West Midlands, to the statics experienced and lessons learnt en route to becoming a professional Illustrator, who now owns an annual art magazine, ArtPees, and have been accredited for numerous illustrations, contributed to books and other platforms.

Artist Tina Sebàs aims to attend Zurich Art Fair in 2017 to showcase and sell her breathtaking, lifelike art pieces.

Help Tina Sebàs reach her goal, by funding her on Kickstarter, and reap individual rewards for your support.

ArtPees showcases four original acrylic art pieces by Artist Tina Sebàs.

NOTORIOUS BIG by TinaSebàs (640x478)

Watch as Artist, Tina Sebàs converts an A4 image into a 80x90cm acrylic painting on cavas, titled Lucxie.


“Bingy” portrays an undernourished man with sunken eyes and hardened skin; a transparent of endured hardship. Wearing an aged old tattered hat with the words Life Is Beautiful, Bingy is an empowering piece.

An acrylic painting, by Artist Tina Sebàs on (80 x 120cm) canvas.