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While racism can simply be defined as the dislike and resentment of another human being, based on skin colour, and is often narrowed down to a black and white topic, the subject is a deeper and more colourful one, where various races loathe for the same vain reason of having a different pigmentation, and apparently, what was designed to be a splash of beauty on Earth became dissected in which people were classified into groups called ethnicities (an application of the human colour chart and birth of colourism).

This colourism is better known as racism.

And although the rainbow chart of humans has no mandate for which colour stays on the left or on the right of the versus in racism, the most dominant duel has always been marked up as Whites vs Blacks and as history proved time and time again, that the White race holds an unyielding first place in the ranking of being racist, I am pointing this topic of racism to the subject’s most dominant force (White People).

There are two types of White racist: A conscious racist and a sub-conscious racist.

A conscious racist is an “in your face” racist, bold, up font, no-shame-in-their-game racist, proud to be white type, who strongly believe in White Power and that all other races were ordained by God to be inferior to the Whites; especially those of the Black race.

The conscious racist has my admiration and a sprinkle of my respect, because he or she is not lost or confused; they are aware of their stance and beliefs and it is clearly outlined how someone of my colour is perceived and will be treated by them.

Then there are the sub-consciously racist White people, who are not aware that they are actually racist.

Commonly, sub-consciously racist Whites believe that they are in favour of equality for the Black race, but do not expect or accept Black people being more successful than them on any perceivable levels; furthermore, this same group embraces the concept of positive Black Achievements, but only as an allowed privilege, given by the White race, out of pity, for the offering sense of equality.

Ask them if they are racist and the answer is an alarming, scornful reaction and an instant “No!”

Simple disagreements which cause an immediate emerge of skin colour sighting over point of views is a typical behaviour of a sub-conscious racist, and having any level of comfort in knowing that being White is a qualification versus another race is a top attribute of sub-conscious racism, but the number one place of sub-conscious racism has to be given to the “weaponizing” of racism, where it is often holstered but used at advantage points before being retracted as a sign of being mutual again.

Now, if you are White, ask yourself if you are racist, sub-consciously racist or none.

©Ian T. Sebàs 2020

May your demise be an emblem of finality and change to the history of black oppression and racial division in the United States of America, and one which will inspire human equality worldwide. – Ian T. Sebàs –

Tormented by an invisible force
Taking souls as it takes its course
An unfortunate plague and tragedy
Nature’s rage v man’s conspiracy

Though frightening and apparently new
Its behavioral patterns mirror the flu
Targeting our respiratory tracts
With silent but lethal attacks

Causing us to cough and sneeze
Tightening chest, struggles to breathe
Gripping bodies with fever
Temperatures heightens with its lever

Human beings now share the same tasks
Daily routines turns to wearing face masks
Prioritizing the washing of hands
Plus a precautionary social distance

Enemy code name: Covid-19
Remedy: maintain a healthy hygiene

© Ian T. Sebàs 2020

closed eyes

Seeing Souls

I am blind to features
I hear and feel, but never see
God’s creatures
My sight sees a black hole
Flickering lights, representing souls
Powered to be pure
Worthy to explore
Close your eyes
Rid all whys
See no more
Blindness is a cure.

© Ian T. Sebàs 2019

Why were we born and why will we die
Why are some of us grounded while others roam the sky
Why are some rich and why are some poor
Why should I settle for less when others get more

Why are we lonely even though we are not alone
Why do we stay in a house which will never be a home
Why do we speak when we can be mute
Why do we lie and avoid telling the truth

Why is it necessary to be approved by a crowd
Why is it better to hold our heads up to the cloud
Why are we never good just as we are
Why must I do more to be seen as a star

Why are some black and why are some white
Why am I wrong and why are you right
Why be confused when we can just sigh
Why wonder about the reasons of why.

© Ian T. Sebàs 2018


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An Ian T. Sebàs quote and anagram.

The unforeseen circumstances of severe weather conditions across Europe caused us to stay at the Highwayman Hotel in Dunstable, England.

It was not a personal choice, but a free accommodation, offered as compensation, by our airline, for having to cancel our flight at London Luton Airport.

My family and I checked in at night and could not see much of the building’s feature, but it was clearly a pub (public house) at the front and a separate building at its rear, serving as the hotel.

Despite our late arrival, we had a speedy check-in.

The reception area is very small, with an estimated maximum capacity holding of maybe four people at any one time; it is usually unmanned, so arriving guests must use the available phone to. dial 209 or 206 for assistance .

The hotel is fairly lit and appears clean; it is a typical British Bed and Breakfast type of set-up, and not a hotel per se.  If it was left up to us, we would not have stayed at the Highwayman Hotel.

We were given room No. 66, a family room, which is comprised of carpeted floors, one double bed plus a single bed, bedside tables, a flatscreen television, a desk, two chairs, a coffee table, a wardrobe and a small service station for making tea and coffee (two cups, a kettle, sugars, tea, milk, coffee etc.); the room has adequate amount of mirrors.

However; the furniture is outdated more than 30 years, but in good condition.

If you desire modern, this is not the place for you.

Additionally, it’s roomy,  the temperature was satisfactory, hot and cold water were available and towels were enough.

Access to the room is by a card, which is received at the reception desk.

Staff are neither friendly nor unfriendly.

Negative Pointers

The room does not have a fresh scent (smells of musk and mold)

The kettle is overwhelmed with limescale (recommend: Do Not Use)

The shower has mold (extremely visible)

Shower gel is not available at the Highwayman Hotel

Some room lightings did not work

Headboards are scratched

The Highwayman, in my opinion, cannot be ranked in stars because it is below average; however, it can satisfy an emergency need of a place to stay.

© Ian T. Sebàs 2018

“Sold to the highest bidder!” is usually what’s heard at auctions, after a number of proposed bids have been crushed by he, who is willing to pay the most.

It has always been rumored that the government of Jamaica is a “sellout”; despite which party is in power, the term “sellout” is usually invisibly affixed among the other fancy initials, which follow the names of politicians.

The Jamaican people are saying that, those in charge, are currently offering the Country for sale.

But the last time I checked, Jamaica was a democratic country, and whether it is being ran by the Jamaica Labor Party or the People’s National Party, democracy is its consistent statue.

In recent times, with the aid of social sites, Jamaicans have been airing their opinions online via blogs and vlogs, an obvious exercise of their democratic right, freedom of expression.

Still, most of these expressions are mere comments on suspicion that Jamaica’s Members of Parliament are making deals with outsiders, selling lands and rights for cash, without given notice to or consent from the Jamaican citizens.

A Suh It Guh!

Usually, these commentators and moaners are only seeking a ‘like’ to their published comment, online, or an echo in its favor; therefore, the Jamaican Government is never threatened or moved by these publications, which are often closed with, “A suh it guh”.

Ignorance Is No Excuse

Jamaica, like all other democratic States in the world, is governed by law, and in every Country, including Jamaica, ignorance of the law is never an excuse.

Jamaicans are often heard saying, “Mi nevva did kno dat.”(“I was not aware of that.”)

It is clear that the citizens, who refers to the Government as ‘those in charge’ do not understand their democratic rights and powers as citizens.

Fact is, there are a vast number of Jamaicans, who do not know or understand the constitution of the country, a fault of their own. And as long as they remain ignorant, those who know that they are unaware of their rights as citizens, will forever take advantage.

A common practice, seen by most Jamaicans, is giving treatment to representatives of their constituencies as if they (the representatives) are doing them (the citizens) favors, while being oblivious to the fact that the Member of Parliament works for them, and at any given time, they (the citizens) can petition for change.

If Jamaica is in fact being sold to the highest bidder, it is being sold by all Jamaicans, living in Jamaica, and not only by the Country’s government members; lastly, the sadness of this speculation being real, would be that the profits from a sold country, belonging to an approximate six million people, worldwide, would be going into the pockets of less than one hundred.

© Ian T. Sebàs 2018

© Ian T. Sebàs

Watch and learn about Jamaica’s passport powers and its visa-free zones, including the Caribbean Communities, a comparison to US and UK passports and commentary questioning the intelligence of Jamaicans with a suggestion that they were naive to allow sanctions of UK visas, while the Queen of England remains as Head of State.
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