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Watch and learn about Jamaica’s passport powers and its visa-free zones, including the Caribbean Communities, a comparison to US and UK passports and commentary questioning the intelligence of Jamaicans with a suggestion that they were naive to allow sanctions of UK visas, while the Queen of England remains as Head of State.
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Jamaica is one of the world’s most beautiful countries which has been staggered for years by poverty and tainted with corruption as a part of its reputation of sun-kissed greenery and white sand beaches. And like any struggling society, a saviour would be appreciated; someone who will promise and deliver positive changes, where the citizens of the island could then exercise a new pride which spawns from the comfort they receive.

If I was Prime Minister of Jamaica, my governing methods would appear unconventional in comparison to what the Jamaican citizens have grown accustomed to.

My precedent would show care for the welfare of the citizens more than my pride for the island; the land is already beautiful, as a gift of nature, but it is people who are unhappy and need my assistance.
My first action as Prime Minister would be to provide every single household, schools, libraries and other institutions with a free copy of the full constitution which governs Jamaica and the rights of its citizens; this way, I am sure that all citizens have been given the opportunity to equally participate in its democracy.

Secondly, I would double the current wages of all government security and judicial members, including Judges, Police, Army, Coast Guard and Correctional Officers; the wages of politicians would also be increased.

Thirdly, I would refurbish and expand all adult correctional facilities.

Fourthly, I would create a shadow ministry to watch over these members, for the sole purpose of making sure that each individual carries out his/her duty and responsibility in the fullest respect of the law; also there would be a second shadow ministry which watches over the first shadow ministry for the same purpose.

Upon receiving review reports, any member of the government security, judicial body or Member of Parliament who has strayed from respecting the law, even in the most minute way, would lose his or her position and sent to prison; this way it will be clear to the Jamaican citizens that corruption will not be tolerated and no man will be above the law.
All people shall be treated equally the same despite their, sex, colour, profession or wealth status, but individuals who are given responsibilities which benefit from the trust of the citizens, and violates that trust, shall be penalized harsher than the common citizen; Judges, Police Commissioners, Correctional Officers and field constables would be reviewed intensively.

The Governor General and his purpose would be declared more transparently to the citizens, giving them the power to vote on whether or not his purpose is relevant.

The implementation of a more substantial welfare system, for the poor, would be put in place.

Marijuana would be legalized, with license farmers, and become a part of Jamaica’s export to generate funds and create employment.
Weed jamaicas
A new tax tier would be introduced, where the rich would pay twice as much tax as the poor and businesses which earns from tourism would pay more tax than any other non-tourism businesses.

Small business loans, by the government, would be more feasible to attain with fair interest rates and an agreement of imprisonment, if not paid back.

Every business, from small to major corporations, would have to pay a recorded tax; this way the country will independently maintain its welfare system.

Public hospitals and schools would be upgraded while doctors, nurses and teachers receive new incentives.

Low income neighbourhoods would be given basic replacements homes consisting of the necessary facilities and utilities, at low cost rent to the government.
Finally, I would present a written proposition to the general public, explaining our option of borrowing money from wealthier countries, and forever be in debt, or selling a tiny percentage of the island, to the highest bidder, and have an independent power of financial reserve for decades to come.

Ian T. Sebàs © 2016