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The world has always find it’s balance on both negative and positive, it is what creates our livelihood; for every ups there are downs, for every wrong there is a right, boy for girl, man for woman, democrats for republicans, God for the devil, so on and so forth.
I could go on forever, but I’m sure that you get my meaning.

So, ALS or whoever it was, came up with an idea called the Ice Bucket Challenge. The concept I gather is to add some fun during a minor sacrifice of pouring ice or iced cold water over one self, but the real goal is like all other charity, fundraising, money, donation, financial aid, cash.

I find it to be a unique and a refreshing marketing idea.
But of course, the expected oppositions had to raise their heads; whether or not their opposition views on the Ice Bucket Challenge sparked from pure jealousy, for not coming up with the idea originally, or whether their opposition is sparked out of plain old human nature, it is appalling to compare such a good cause to the unavailability of some deprived areas of the world.

The two have very little to do with each other.

As humans we must be fair in our actions and be loyal to our stands. If we choose to be humanitarians, we should do so in every aspects of our lives and not be prejudice in only a few areas.

Most of the Anti-Icers (that’s my name for them) are people who celebrate Christmases with overgrown Christmas Trees, decorated with unnecessary amount of lights, not to mention the vast amount of disposable gifts underneath them.
And they do so, with no rebels nor distributed comparisons over the Internet to parts of the world living in darkness or unfortunately are without gifts.

Before supporting the idea of Anti-Icers, and comparing the charitable act of ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, to parts of the world that might be thirsty, ask yourself if you turned your taps fully to off when finished using them, in order to preserve water?
Do you not unnecessarily run your taps while brushing your teeth or taking a shower?
Do you consider not flushing your toilet or reverting to an old fashion one, in order to save water?
Have you thought of or ever attempt a plan as to how to get water to the thirsty ones?

And in regards to hunger, have you not dispose at least one-third of your meals to the trash on a weekly or daily basis?
And do you feel any guilt or do you consider the hungry when doing so?

My advice is that we do not hurt our heads over matters that are beyond our controls, but take control of things that are possible within our grasp.

Be inspired by the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and create your own challenge to support your own cause.

Don’t hate, appreciate! Each one, teach one.
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