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Artist Tina Sebàs sat down, in our studio, and shared her arty beginning and all its follow-ups, which have led to her embrace of over-sized acrylic paintings.

The British-born Artist of Jamaican descendants, walked us through her life, which included her school attendances in Birmingham, West Midlands, to the statics experienced and lessons learnt en route to becoming a professional Illustrator, who now owns an annual art magazine, ArtPees, and have been accredited for numerous illustrations, contributed to books and other platforms.


After the Sebàs family participated, as models, for husband and father, Ian T. Sebàs’ book campaign, by wearing its SURVIVED branded baseball caps, wife and mother, Tina Sebàs,  thought of an even more creative way of drawing attention to SURVIVED Raw and Unedited, by painting an extra large portrait of one of the photos taken in the SURVIVED Spring Photoshoot by Swiss Photographer Stefan Kolp.