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While racism can simply be defined as the dislike and resentment of another human being, based on skin colour, and is often narrowed down to a black and white topic, the subject is a deeper and more colourful one, where various races loathe for the same vain reason of having a different pigmentation, and apparently, what was designed to be a splash of beauty on Earth became dissected in which people were classified into groups called ethnicities (an application of the human colour chart and birth of colourism).

This colourism is better known as racism.

And although the rainbow chart of humans has no mandate for which colour stays on the left or on the right of the versus in racism, the most dominant duel has always been marked up as Whites vs Blacks and as history proved time and time again, that the White race holds an unyielding first place in the ranking of being racist, I am pointing this topic of racism to the subject’s most dominant force (White People).

There are two types of White racist: A conscious racist and a sub-conscious racist.

A conscious racist is an “in your face” racist, bold, up font, no-shame-in-their-game racist, proud to be white type, who strongly believe in White Power and that all other races were ordained by God to be inferior to the Whites; especially those of the Black race.

The conscious racist has my admiration and a sprinkle of my respect, because he or she is not lost or confused; they are aware of their stance and beliefs and it is clearly outlined how someone of my colour is perceived and will be treated by them.

Then there are the sub-consciously racist White people, who are not aware that they are actually racist.

Commonly, sub-consciously racist Whites believe that they are in favour of equality for the Black race, but do not expect or accept Black people being more successful than them on any perceivable levels; furthermore, this same group embraces the concept of positive Black Achievements, but only as an allowed privilege, given by the White race, out of pity, for the offering sense of equality.

Ask them if they are racist and the answer is an alarming, scornful reaction and an instant “No!”

Simple disagreements which cause an immediate emerge of skin colour sighting over point of views is a typical behaviour of a sub-conscious racist, and having any level of comfort in knowing that being White is a qualification versus another race is a top attribute of sub-conscious racism, but the number one place of sub-conscious racism has to be given to the “weaponizing” of racism, where it is often holstered but used at advantage points before being retracted as a sign of being mutual again.

Now, if you are White, ask yourself if you are racist, sub-consciously racist or none.

©Ian T. Sebàs 2020

Why were we born and why will we die
Why are some of us grounded while others roam the sky
Why are some rich and why are some poor
Why should I settle for less when others get more

Why are we lonely even though we are not alone
Why do we stay in a house which will never be a home
Why do we speak when we can be mute
Why do we lie and avoid telling the truth

Why is it necessary to be approved by a crowd
Why is it better to hold our heads up to the cloud
Why are we never good just as we are
Why must I do more to be seen as a star

Why are some black and why are some white
Why am I wrong and why are you right
Why be confused when we can just sigh
Why wonder about the reasons of why.

© Ian T. Sebàs 2018

When people hear the name Switzerland, snowy mountains, cows with bells, chocolates and banks are some of the things that usually comes to mind.

And if they should think of the Swiss people, more than likely, they would think that all Swiss are White/Caucasian; a notion that has kept some Swiss nationals in the dark.

These unrecognized nationals are the brown Swiss, mixed breed, half cast, light skin or biracial.

Biracial people are identified as having a mix of two races, and so far, the most prominent mixes are of Black and White and White and Asian. Biracial babies, like all others, are conceived out of planned and unplanned pregnancies, but above all races, they are of the most experimental conceptions in the world.

Biracial people are considered beautiful because of their complexions and other unique features, and apart from possessing unique beauty, it has been suspected that biracial people possess super abilities such as those seen in the accomplishments of Barack Obama, Bob Marley, Tiger Woods, Sade Adu and many more.

According to a biblical tale, lustful angels once walked the Earth and were the first to interbreed with humans, who gave birth to giants of this world; fact or fiction, this tale has played a major role in today’s biracial population.

We can blame it on human curiosities or on scientific experimentations of cross-breeding, which have produced mixed breed canines and biracial humans as our best results. Still, biracial people are not as common as we would like to think, but their existence has established a worldwide notoriety, which makes them equally known.

Unfortunately, but true, like most exclusive luxuries, some biracial babies are being made-to-order and unlike single-race babies, most desires for biracial babies are enforced by social trends.

The biracial epidemic in Switzerland seem to have soared following the US trend of Whites adopting African and Asian toddlers, and a close look at interracial relationships in Switzerland revealed astonishing separation rates between couples after one or two babies have been born.

In conclusion, like premium luxuries, a lot of biracial babies are being produced in Switzerland for mere bragging rights.

Research also found that many non-Whites, who cohabited with Swiss Whites, were deceived in building families of which they find themselves excluded from, after contributing their genes to biracial children.

And to an even worse end, biracial children in Switzerland often find themselves in the midst of identity crisis, targeted for discrimination and most of all, confused.

Having parents of two races, it is expected and has been established that most biracial people are usually neutral to both sides, while some display intermittent loyalties and others choose to be identified only by one.

Despite their chosen positions, in Switzerland, they are classed among the non-Whites and inherit the realities of foreigners living in the country. And because of this, expressed frustrations have been wavering.

And although their cries are as unique as them being Swiss nationals, their appearances have validated their voices to be contained in the Black box.

© Ian T. Sebàs 2018

I read in the newspaper, Tages Anzeiger, today, that the national unemployment rate for Switzerland has fallen to 2.7% and my first reaction was, “Have you ever read more BS than this right here?”

2.7%, really?

“Of the reported eight million, three hundred and seventy-two thousand people living in Switzerland, am I to believe that only 226,044 are unemployed?”

With this number calculating for every young and old person, men, women and children, the published 2.7% is either a lie, a figure to acclaim national false pride or one accounting only to Swiss-born individuals.

As an Ausländer (foreigner), who have lived and relentlessly sought jobs in Switzerland, years at a time, without success, I felt as if it is my duty not to only challenge the published 2.7% unemployment rate, but to highlight a hidden fact, that if this number is indeed true, then foreigners such as myself are not being counted as a part of the Swiss population.

Switzerland’s employment opportunities are as much in existence as the prejudicial gateways to reach them; in other words, jobs are available in Switzerland, but not to everyone, despite being qualified or unqualified.

The labour market in Switzerland might be regulated by Swiss laws and its government, but it is controlled by business owners and private boards; therefore, it is not only the political monopoly which denies qualified foreigners of suitable employment, but it is the mindset of the people, who resides in Switzerland.

And although the Swiss social service and its welfare provisions could be considered a consolation, in Switzerland, where 99% of government aid recipients are Ausländers, it is also a transparent view that a serious bias exist in the Swiss labour market.

Qualified foreigners, such as myself, of colour are ridiculed when an application for a job matching our educational qualification is submitted. We are rejected 99.9% of the time without reasons and the other 0.01%, we are noted as overqualified; either way, we will never get the job.

Most educated Black foreigners are denied suitable jobs and are forced to settle for menial employments, not because other jobs aren’t available, but because it is a great part of the Swiss labour market’s culture that Ausländers, especially Blacks, are only good for unskilled work, such as cleaning.

In Switzerland, if one should look closely, there is an employment tier system, which is blatantly structured by prejudice and some levels of racism.

The tier from an up to down direction is colour graded from white skin to black skin, so you will find the whitest of Whites at the top jobs and the blackest of Blacks at the bottom jobs; these positions equally reflects cleanliness of work and pay grades.

Interestingly, this bias has extended its way into the welfare support system of Switzerland too. In most cases, when an individual is being financially supported by the Swiss government, it is usually required that the recipient participates in a work integration.

Work integration is only a decorative term for slave labour, where the individual works 70% to 100%, doing actual work, but receives no more than a third of what the job would pay in a normal situation.

The bias can be seen where different job sectors, from recycling garbage to being in an office environment, are included in the integrational program; again, placements in these sectors are colour graded, without an income difference.

With these acquired findings, I challenge the Tages Anzeiger and any individual or organization to prove different.

© Ian T. Sebàs 2018

It was Harry’s day. In full respect, it was Harry’s and Meghan’s day, May 19, 2018, Prince Harry marries Meghan Markle; a real-life Cinderella story.

It was the anticipated wedding of the century for more reasons than one. Harry, sixth in line to the throne was about to marry an average American actress, whose career was struggling to reach high point, but what made this real-life Cinderella the jaw-dropper of the century is the fact that her biological mother is black.

Talk about a change in history.

But if such change was foreseen, my bet would have brought me an awesome win, because I would have gambled on no other than Prince Harry. Harry, to me, is one of the most down-to-Earth royals, and if one does not remind me at times, I’d forget that he is not black; that is how cool Prince Harry appears to be.

Although I have very little interest in the Royals’ every move, I have always been a fan of the monarchy; crowns, castles, royal highnesses, horses and carriages, there’s just something about their existence that says there are higher heights to reach in life than just being an average person.

The first royal wedding I remember seeing was that of Harry’s mother and father, but I was still too young to understand the big deal which was made of it, then there was William and Kate, but none got my attention like Harry’s and Meghan’s did.

I was up watching television two or three hours before the main event, taking in all the word-plays and propaganda surrounding a true love affair. Hours leading up to the ceremony were dedicated to sales and marketing of various charities; the word “charity” was mentioned ten times or more than “Harry” or “Meghan”.

Obviously, Harry’s name kept dropping as the bait to each cause or charity mentioned, but anyone who was interviewed and made any individual, independent plug-ins of their own interest, was quickly opposed.

Then when it came to Meghan’s name, it was hardly funny how they kept referring to her as being “bi-racial”; it was as if it would kill them to coin her as being black, which I am sure she identifies as being.

Barack Obama, to the world, was referred to as being black 95% of the time by the world of journalists, but leave it up to British broadcasters, Meghan Markle entering the Royal Institution, will always be referred to as bi-racial – Black is too much to swallow right now.

Considering that it was a Royal Wedding, some people on the guest list were predictable guests, such as Prince William and Kate, Prince Charles and Camilla, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip along with other royal family members.

Outside of this circle, guests such as Elton John and John Major were no shocker.

But considering that this was Harry’s wedding, the down-to-Earth Prince, who was marrying a black woman from the United States of America, it was anticipated to be no ordinary royal wedding. Some swag was expected to merge with historic traditions, this meant more black faces than usual, but without surpassing grandma’s taste too much.

For me, it was not so; about 85% of the guests were white people and of that 85%, I didn’t recognize half, so let me focus on the guests, who I thought were a touch of “hip” to the tradition of royal weddings.

Oprah Winfrey appeared in flawless style, adding an essence of black wealth and sophistication to the crowd; having risen to the top of her status by hard work and her interpersonal personality, Oprah was a perfect down-to-Earth guest at a down-to-Earth prince’s wedding.

Then there was Idris Elba, whose personality and presence says black, ambitious, suave and an overall gentleman fit for the occasion.

Serena Williams was another black successful additive to the attendees; Serena, who is usually seen in sportswear showed her classy lady side donned out in what I would describe as the perfect attire for the royal occasion.

James Corden, another known down-to-Earth personality, famed for breaking cultural borders and mingling with all as if he, himself, belong to or is dying to learn more about people of colour, was a perfect “Swag Guest” at Harry’s and Meghan’s wedding.

Speaking of swag guest, the wedding attendees would have been incomplete without Mr. David Beckham’s presence. David showed up with grace and friendliness; he even spared time to snap a quick pic with a fan, how down-to-Earth is that?

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for his wife, Victoria Beckham, who appeared miserable and unhappy, it was a mixed essence of being insecure and not wanting to be seen, her presence added a tinge of grey clouds to the atmosphere.

But the unsuspecting transport, in which the “Dapper Duo” arrived in, told everyone that the show was about to start. Harry accompanied by his older brother and best-man, William, were a sight to see – smart, dapper, elegant and stylish are all applicable descriptions.

Keeping it in line with dapper and elegance, grandma, nanny, Queen Elizabeth II never fails when it comes to style and fashion. Not wanting to upstage the bride, the queen went with an off-beat colour, but still made it known that she was queen.

Still, despite all the expensive and stylish clothing, which were being modelled and showed off at this wedding, none superseded Meghan’s wedding dress; needless for me to make any comment about the beautiful, perfectly fitted dress, which spoke for itself. And Meghan made both the dress and the welcoming of royalty appeared as is she was born for them.

As the sermon ensued and the priest presiding over the grand fair individually and respectfully declared Henry Charles Albert David and Rachel Meghan as married, the world’s approval could be felt.

Harry uniquely broke royal tradition, by not only marrying a black woman, but by adding a ring, for his finger, into the mix of it all; never the less, it was delightfully embraced by all.

Lastly and certainly, I could not and would not close this review without the mention of the Most Reverend Michael Curry. “Who gives out these titles and what exactly is a “Most Reverend?”
“Does it means that he is more reverend than another reverend?”

Well, one thing is for sure, the Most Reverend Michael Curry made it clear to the British public that it was indeed a black and white wedding. “Somebody say amen!”

© Ian T. Sebàs 2018

Watch and learn about Jamaica’s passport powers and its visa-free zones, including the Caribbean Communities, a comparison to US and UK passports and commentary questioning the intelligence of Jamaicans with a suggestion that they were naive to allow sanctions of UK visas, while the Queen of England remains as Head of State.
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Our abilities as humans have been crippled, delayed, compromised and continue to progress sluggishly, for centuries, by one reason and one reason only; ignorance.

Ignorance which has plagued our existence and continues to do so, since man began recording time.

As much as we would like to believe that we are one of nature’s most intelligent creatures, evidence has shown that we are slow.

Like all other creatures, we found ourselves evolving in a world filled with various elements and occurrences, a world we know nothing about, where the elements remain unmoved and the occurrences reoccur, continuously, seemingly as a method of voiceless teachings; still, through it all, we remain ignorant by understanding so little of what is heard and seen.

Interestingly, we are mainly crippled by our own discovered abilities and the minor, though appearing major, improvements they seem to make to our advances.

Two great examples would be electricity and slavery.

Once electricity was discovered, we looked no further for ways to light up this world, electricity was that source of power and the answer which lit up the world and darkened our long-sight.

Since the discovery of electricity, we have used it to do almost everything, from seeing in the dark to a zapping the life out of each other, as means of penal punishment; it has been such a great discovery, that mankind cannot live without it, no more than they could live without believing that slavery was one of their most genius ideas, ever.

In the not so early stages of realizing our existence, our ignorance was so rife that we not only thought that the oceans were flat surfaces, where if we sailed too far out, the ships would fall into the unknown, but rife to the point, that humans of different colours and superiority were an absurd notion.

This belief of the flat oceans was eventually challenged, by our curiosity and bravery; its revelation, in turn, shouted at us that we were wrong and will be wrong with many more speculations to follow.

Those chance-taking voyages resulted not only in the discoveries of endless seas, but more lands and other human beings, with differences.

Humans, who were initially deemed as animals, for having darker skins, natural immunity from the sun’s heat, higher level of physical strength with an equal balance of aggression, were seen as a valuable finding.

Unlike an ass or a cow, who aided in the fields for farming, Blacks were deemed as more valuable because they could actually talk, despite the notion of them being non-humans, who might have been only superior to apes and monkeys, but never to Whites, who were believed to be the only race of humans.

Slavery which reigned for centuries before being challenged and abolished, still stands as one of mankind’s greatest accomplishments, and like the discovery of electricity, mankind does not know how to move forward without applying it or its remnants to their developing world.

After all the civil actions which triggered political amendments and resulted in laws abolishing slavery, we just can’t seem to let it go.

Slavery, like electricity, was so genius, that the mere thought of finding another way, drains our energy; its usefulness has blindsided our vision to look further.

And as man’s odyssey of conquering the world continues to build and rebuild, labour is required.

Lobbying to reinstate slavery would probably start a war, which no one wants, but the inability to forget its benefits has become a burden to bear, by the ambitious, want-to-be Masters of the Universe otherwise known as the 1% or the super-rich.

Greed has manufactured an ambition to be richer than rich; it’s called being super rich.

Being super rich is having it all, while others have none. And in order to accomplish this status, slaves are required, but considering that slavery is now illegal, and one could wind up in a prison cell rather than the envisioned mansion, a new strategy has been developed; modern-day slavery.

Modern-day Slavery is almost as genius as the original slavery; it is still profitable, just not as profitable as classic slavery.

Classic slavery – slaves received no income and it was established that slaves were slaves, non-whites, underdogs, less of human etc., while with modern-day slavery, slaves are of various colours and ethnicities, though still dominantly black, receive incomes, labelled as employees and are protected by labour laws.

But it is the same labour laws, which allows the possibility of modern-day slavery, where it allows the ambitious want-to-be super-rich to legally enslave humans, by using the narrowest definitions of its written legalities.

Before the abolishment, slaves were easily identified by the colour of their skin; this has been replaced by levels of intelligence, which are now identified in CVs.

Blacks are still considered the best assets of the trade, for the same old reasons, and a presumption that they have always been, and still is the most illiterate race.

Modern-day Slavery is thriving at its best today because it is invisible to most, who cannot see past titled positions and the term ‘multi-tasking’ which are rewarded by measly incomes, nor grasp slavery’s resurrection, unless it shows as black people working in chains.

© Ian T. Sebàs 2017

© Ian T. Sebàs

Perfectly designed with no clear stitch
A unique material that stretches to fit
Cut and style in a variety of ways
Two different colors, in endless shades

An exquisite outfit, given to adorn
Wrapped on us from the day we were born
Fashioned to combat any wear and tear
This onesie is capable of self-repair

Smelt good, new, and soft to the touch
But over time, becoming hard and rough
An outfit to represent personality
A fashion line reflecting human reality

The storms we weathered, the walks in our shoes
The scars we wear are evidences of bruise
Now, sprinkle with wrinkles, tinged and marked
It is the armour that lasted, the one we never took off

© Ian T. Sebàs 2015

© Ian T. Sebàs

Although I am not a U.S. national nor citizen, being born in the Caribbean, on the Continent of America, entitles me as an American; a nationality which has often been misinterpreted as solely belonging to the U.S.A. and not the other remaining 52 countries.

Still, when the term ‘Black Americans’ is tossed around, I usually disassociate myself and allow it to point at the intended black people in the U.S.

The U.S.A. tries to claim the nationality ‘American’ clearly because, unlike the other 52 countries in the Americas, the United States of America does not have an individual name. This could be because it is a landlocked mass, rumored to have been stolen, by Europeans, from the Red Indians (a.k.a. Native Americans), who look more like Mexicans, who were spawned from the Arawaks and whose bloodline still lingers in a lot of the Caribbean people, today.

Considering that theory, the land mass, which is today called U.S.A. belongs more to the South Americans and Caribbean People than any other.

But over the course of centuries, trickery and politics have played their ways successfully to this era, where Black Americans are crying for help and a presidential candidate’s slogan can state, “Let’s Make America Great Again”, with an undertone to suppress the rights and existence of its non-white inhabitants, and still succeed to presidency.

The United States of America has been the most colourful country for the year 2017. With the help of mainstream and social media, people worldwide, even those who weren’t formerly interested in politics, are able to see what appears to be the ugly truth of a nation, once deemed the world’s greatest.

The U.S.A. is now a divided place, and for the first time, as the usual war-readiness revs for external opponents, who are brandishing missile-abilities, feuds are also revving within its borders, and similarly to its renowned motion picture releases, the world is on edge with an anticipation that the U.S.A. is likely to be at war with itself, sooner than it will be with any other country.

A potential race war seems to be strengthening, daily, in the Unites States of America, as smart phones aid social media sites with more and more evidence of an increase in racial profiling and deadly attacks. In almost every case, it has been a black person versus a white police officer; disgusted by some and appreciated by others.

After contemplating on this, the slogan’s undertone, reported deaths and abuses, a dulling truth was revealed.

Black people in the U.S.A. are currently targeted and treated as if their whole existence, since the chains were broken, have solely represented being a menace to that society; an unfair stigma, where broadcasted footage shows a cockroach-like treatment, with an apparent goal set to eradicate or put them back in chains.

And, for an instant, I thought, “What if that wish was ever granted?”

“What if Black People in the United States of America were successfully removed?”

And not just ‘removed’ physically, but also taking with them, their contributed legacies.

“How great would the U.S.A. be then?”

The United States of America would be nothing without Black Americans; African Americans have enriched the U.S. culture with flavours that could never be attained without them.

A Country is just a land mass, nothing more; it is people, who add cultures to countries.

For example, Jamaica is a land known for its sunshine and white sand beaches, but let’s face it, Jamaica is not the only place on Earth with sun, sand and sea, but the warmth of its people, their welcoming and laid-back attitudes, foods, drinks, music, sports and other entertainments are what add flavours for Jamaica’s cravings.

So, imagine a United States of America without Black People and their music, their foods, their contributions to sports and fashion, their humour, their ideas and entrepreneurial spirits; moreover, imagine the U.S.A. without an era of Barack Obama, and what you will realize is that this inevitable tumble of the U.S.A., would have occurred a decade ago.

“The U.S.A.’s greatness once resonated, above all other countries, because of its apparent multi-racial fairness and unity.” – Ian T. Sebàs

© Ian T. Sebàs

© Ian T. Sebàs 2017