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Elternabend The Movie has reached midway its production process and is due to be released early 2018.

This independent, non-profit documentary aims to highlight the events surrounding the 2-year legal battle, which was stemmed from charges of an alleged PTA-meeting absence and resulted in a family’s triumph, after narrowly escaping penalties of fines and incarceration.

The event made national news in Switzerland and some parts of Germany in September 2016.

An open invitation is now being offered to the general public, worldwide, especially to parents of school-attending children and grandchildren, to share their valued views on education, its institutions and infrastructures.

To participate, would be to substantiate the content of this documentary, and requires the volunteered participant(s) to submit a video message, sharing their opinion on the following three (3) questions.

1. How important is education to children?
2. How important are PTA Meetings?
3. How do you feel about a law which subject parents to fines or incarceration for being absent from a PTA Meeting?
*The submitted video must not exceed one minute. The video, if shot with a mobile phone, must be of a horizontal angle. **Please be aware that your footage will be published publicly (Youtube, NetFlix etc.) and that you will receive no royalty for your participation.** Footage can be emailed to THANK YOU!

© Ian T. Sebàs

Author Ian T. Sebàs takes us on a journey of his penmanship, starting from his birthplace in Kingston, Jamaica and into its violent capitals, where police raids, deaths and shooting were the norm, the effects of Jamaica’s dancehall and entertainers, his early education and the reason he began writing.

In this interview, Sebàs combed over his affiliation with music and his migration to the troublesome, crime-filled inner-city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the United States of America before journeying to the southern state of South Carolina, where he first ambitioned to become a published poet, and his association with the US Library of Congress, the ink trail of his writing’s passage, which led to Birmingham, England, where his publishing ambition experienced a series of pushbacks and diversions before reaching its success.

Learn about his first official publication, which interestingly was not a book, his current role as a Publisher and whether writing has made him wealthy.

“Writing is my everything” says the Author in this 30-minute interview “Writing is a powerful instrument.”

Fascinatingly, Ian T. Sebàs is not a fan of eWriters nor ePublishers, and despite seeing logics in the invention of eBooks, the author blames the technology for the invasion of fake authors and publishers.

While telling us about his favourite topic in writing, his favourite book, his bestselling novel and the inspirations behind some of his titles, he also elaborated on the cover of Coal in the Snow, another one of his books, and its transparent definition to his life in Switzerland.

Taking pride and full accreditation in being a role model, who broke the stereotyped expectations of inner-city children, who are born in slums of the world, which offer narrow to no escape from poverty, violence, early deaths and incarceration, Ian T. Sebàs explains the power of rebirth held by his adapted name and the significance of a changed life which it also represents.

Jaetho Production is an independent film production company, subsidiary of Sebastian Books, and producer of online videos, TV adverts, book trailers, documentaries and short films.

Founded by Author Ian T. Sebàs and Illustrator Tina Sebàs on October 6, 2015, Jaetho Production was officially launched in the Fall of 2016, in Zürich, Switzerland.

Marked by its black and white silhouette logo and slogan, “Reel Life”, Jaetho Production is also the sister-company of AngelSaint, which was also founded by the Sebàs duo. 

The imprint, AngelSaint, with its motto “Working With Wings” have always represented the combination of art and literature produced by the two, and have recently added motion pictures to its activities, with the affiliation of Jaetho Production.

Watch “Run 3” for free via YouTube channel Jaetho Sebastian and see one of Jaetho Production’s first single cam short film tryout.

The Sebastian family, who are of Jamaican heritage and lives in Switzerland, were not the first parents to be charged for an absence at a Parents-Teachers Meeting, in the European Country, but they are certainly the first to challenge such a charge, took it the the high courts and made national headlines.

After meeting with the School Board, in May of 2014, regarding prejudicial treatments towards their school-attending son, the conversations heated with resentments, from both sides, as the Sebastians threatened to report the matter to school officials of Canton Zürich, if the practice continued.

But despite the smiles and handshakes exchanged at the meeting’s end, it was far from being civil, and shortly afterwards the Sebastian family was served with a fine for not attending a PTA meeting.

The family denied the allegation and refused to pay, and the matter was instantly forwarded to the police as being criminal.

“In Switzerland, it is against the law for parents to be absent from PTA meetings, which are deemed obligatory.” – Ian T. Sebàs

The Sebastians continued to remain steadfast in their stance of denying the claim and refusing to pay as the case worked its way up on the Swiss legal ladder, and after being found guilty twice by the local Governorship of Bülach in Stadt Zürich, with an order of an increased fine for more than two thousand Swiss Francs or face less than a week in jail, the parents appealed to the District Court of Bülach.

And on September 5, 2016 a District Court Judge found no substantial evidence to support the charges, and immediately dismissed the case, which made several headlines and created conflicting opinions among Swiss residents.

The case which has attracted a widespread audience outside of Switzerland is being deemed as “interesting”, but because the reports are mainly in the German language (Schweizerdeutsch), which is spoken locally in Zürich, information remains sketchy, and for this reason and more, the family have agreed to make a documentary film titled, Elternabend The Movie, with English narration and various available subtitles.

“The purpose of the film is to highlight cultural and legal differences, educate parents as well as schools on the importance of parents-teachers relationships, PTA meetings, the laws, if any, which might govern them, potential penalties for failing to appear and likewise penalties for school authorities who, abuses their powers; the beauty of law is that it is equally binding.” – The Sebastian Family


© Ian T. Sebàs 2016