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closed eyes

Seeing Souls

I am blind to features
I hear and feel, but never see
God’s creatures
My sight sees a black hole
Flickering lights, representing souls
Powered to be pure
Worthy to explore
Close your eyes
Rid all whys
See no more
Blindness is a cure.

© Ian T. Sebàs 2019


5 Minutes With Robin
Today, a Robin landed on my leg
Looked at me by tilting its head
I thought it was brave
In the manner it behaved

With no fear
It just sat and stared
As if it already knew my reaction
That I’d only smile with satisfaction

Then I became curious
Of how many people this little Robin trust
I wanted to ask, but never uttered a word
Afraid that my voice might scare the friendly bird

We sat together, no questions, no chirps
Thinking to myself, “Well, this is a first!”
Was it the colours I wore or my perfume’s scent?
It looked and it shook, then off it went.

© Ian T. Sebàs 2019

Birth: An emerge from unconsciousness into a state named Life.
Life: Colourful activities of an abstract existence occurring every day.
Day: A duration of sunlight or brightness intercepted by night.
Night: A darkness indicating a complete rotation of Earth.
Earth: Home of all living things until death.
Death: A resumption of unconsciousness.

Again, as we wake to the noises of life and its never-ending chaos, we embrace today without choice; this is life, a fated existence beyond our control, journeyed with speculations and vain pursuance of ideals, religions, politics and wealth, harnessed by trained emotions of prejudice and endless -isms while being staggered by love.

And so, Earth’s natural murmurs are drowned out by our activities, gradually, we grew deaf to its tune and blind to its revolving order, as crucial information subsides.

Still, there is hope. Earth is big, and we occupy only a small part of it.

Explore outside the confines of man-made societies, trek to the mountains and inhale, swim in rivers, lakes and seas; exhale. Discover other creatures in their natural habitat. Say nothing, and you will hear the natural melodies of Earth, apply patience and you will hear the message.

© Ian T. Sebas 2019

Why were we born and why will we die
Why are some of us grounded while others roam the sky
Why are some rich and why are some poor
Why should I settle for less when others get more

Why are we lonely even though we are not alone
Why do we stay in a house which will never be a home
Why do we speak when we can be mute
Why do we lie and avoid telling the truth

Why is it necessary to be approved by a crowd
Why is it better to hold our heads up to the cloud
Why are we never good just as we are
Why must I do more to be seen as a star

Why are some black and why are some white
Why am I wrong and why are you right
Why be confused when we can just sigh
Why wonder about the reasons of why.

© Ian T. Sebàs 2018

Whenever I see a woman’s ass, I can’t help but stare
My eyeballs catapult and my mind starts to cheer
Whether from a distant view or being very near
A woman’s ass takes my attention anytime, anywhere

What is it about a woman’s ass, I asked myself
That causes such provocation to my health
Eyeball strain, tunnel vision and rubber neck
Behaviours which are misconstrued as disrespect

On the contrary, it’s my admiration of a woman’s power
A hypnotism force from something as quaint as a flower
Which challenges my manly strength and makes me cower
Causing me to seek distractions or crave a cold shower

Naturally exposed or clothed as a mask
To look the other way, would be a difficult task
I have tried but failed to control my compass
And accepted it as natural to stare at a woman’s ass.

© Ian T. Sebàs 2018

I bumped into my ex yesterday
We both smiled and struggled to say
After a recent goodbye
To what was once a relationship
Intense, but no longer exist

The moment was awkward
As we scrambled for a nice word
While thinking screams of profanity
And the worst names in humanity
To describe our re-evaluated worth
For filling each other’s hearts with hurt

But, we pretended that all was good
“Ending was the best thing for our moods”
Though desperate to disappear
From an encounter so hard to bear
It would have been rude to say no words
But honest, if we had just flipped each other
the bird.

© Ian T. Sebàs 2018

© Ian T. Sebàs