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After researching places to stay near Ocho Rios, Jamaica, we decided to go with Drax Hall Country Club (Alton’s place) for a number of reasons. Despite wanting to see more visual evidence (photographs/videos) of the property, beforehand, and reading mixed reviews online, the fact that there were more positive feedbacks than negative ones, was satisfying enough to book this property.

We booked the property, months in advance, through for a two-week stay. The booking process was simple and the owner, Alton, kept in touch throughout, with assurance of answering any question we might have about the property.

We did have some questions, which he answered promptly via email, so by the time we were to be in Jamaica, we had a pretty good picture of what to expect.

In addition, considering that we were traveling from Switzerland and would arrive in Jamaica, late on a Saturday night, we did make an extra request, for transport, from Alton, which he gladly obliged us with.

We, a family of four (three adults and one child) arrived at Donald Sangster’s Airport late on Saturday, July 29, 2017, where we were met by Calvin, our arranged driver by Alton. Calvin was identified from holding a sign with our family’s name, and immediately after introducing ourselves, we were overwhelmed by his warm, friendly personality before exiting the airport for an hour’s drive to Drax Hall, St. Ann.

Calvin was very entertaining and conversed with us during the one-hour drive. He further assisted us, by driving to Ocho Rios, to find food, considering that it was almost midnight when we arrived in the Drax Hall area and most places, including Scotchies, near to the Country Club were already closed.

After ordering some beers and jerk chicken, to go, in Ocho Rios, Calvin drove us to the Drax Hall Country Club, for the first time, where he was immediately recognized by the security officers, at the main gate, and was let in.

It was dark and not much could be seen at that time of night.

Calvin, who is also the appointed caretaker for Alton’s place, then gave us a detailed tour of the home.

The home’s main door uses a pin code instead of a key, which we found to be unique, plus the home has its own security system; codes to both the door and the security system were given to us two days prior to our arrival, by Alton.

The home is consisted of three large bedrooms including a master suite with its own bathroom, while the other two bedrooms are equipped with accessible built-in closets, unlike the master bedroom, and share a single bathroom and toilet.

The living room has a high ceiling which gives off a very spacious and airy feel to it.

Overall, the home is of adequate size and can comfortably house up to six people.

Each bedroom is equipped with AC and there were two available fans, which could be used for the living room area.

Initially, we had some problems with the cable TV and internet, which created a bit of discomfort and inconvenience, to us, but after relaying the problem to Alton, via text message, he took control of the matter and it was rectified.

Once up and running, the internet, provided by FLOW, was fast and reliable.


1. The internet is reliable
2. The hot water and water pressure were satisfactory
3. The home is of adequate size
4. The beds are big and comfortable
5. Refrigerator is huge and works well
6. Microwave works
7. Stove top and oven works
8. Lots of cupboards space in Kitchen
9. Adequate backyard space
10. Front of home is well presented (lawn manicured, paved driveway)
11. Feels like home (very secure)
12. Adequate space for clothes storage (wall-robe/dresser drawers)
13. Sufficient mirrors
14. Iron and ironing-board were available
15. Electricity was uninterrupted
16. Sufficient bath towels
17. Location is perfect and in reach to Ocho Rios and tourist activities
18. Owner and caretaker are contactable and reliable


1. Not enough utensils
2. Washing machine does not work properly
3. No housekeeping service
4. Home was not 100% clean upon arrival (appears to have been closed-up and not dusted for a while)

The grounds of the Drax Hall Country Club are overall, clean, quiet, well secured and the neighbors are friendly (always greets and ready to chit-chat/assist with any lack of knowledge).

The pool and gym are located ten minutes away, walking, from Alton’s place.

The swimming pool consist of an adult side with a maximum depth of 5 feet, and a children’s side; there are sufficient sunbeds and accessible toilets by the pool/gym.

The water temperature of the pool is always warm and the pool is accessible up until 11pm every day.

Alton’s home and the Drax Hall Country Club were the ideal vacation accommodation for us, as a family, and we highly recommend it to vacationers to Jamaica, who are looking for a home from home feel; furthermore, we would definitely stay there again.

© Ian T. Sebàs 2017

© Ian T. Sebàs

Artist Tina Sebàs shows off four years’ collection of Zurich’s 20-Minuten Friday magazines. A different edition of the magazine is routinely offered for free in Zurich, Switzerland and mainly features issues on worldwide popular culture.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump has been declared the 45th President of the United States of America.

Yes, you read right; I said, “Donald Trump has been declared the 45th President of the United States of America!”

I’ll now give you a moment to let that sink in and ask WTF is going on in the world; I already done that, myself, and have come to a conclusion, because Donald Trump’s victory has shot my knowledge of U.S. Democracy into pieces. After all, I am the same Blogger, who wrote the piece titled Trump’s Trumpet, a piece which I strongly believed in when I wrote “Apparently, Donald Trump, a former democrat now a republican, wants to be the next POTUS, and I am going to predict that It will not happen!”

Well, there goes my prediction up in smoke.

But after the Brexit saga, in Europe, the world suspected that anything could happen when it comes to polytricks, I mean politics.

Most importantly, Mr. Trump’s victory has proven that the Gods rule and that voting is a joke.

The Gods control the media and despite the people’s actual votes, numbers desired by the Gods are displayed on televisions and across the internet, as facts, and the candidate of choice, by these Gods, will always win.
Democracy is dead. The United Kingdom may not be consisted of the world’s most intelligent citizens, but they are way above the standard of average illiteracy.

Those numbers displayed virtually as a Brexit win has yet to match the actual reactions of the people of the U.K.
And now Donald Trump, a man who ran a campaign on Racism, Hate, Xenophobia and Sexism, has been declared victorious in the race to the White House; a man, who has encountered more boos than praise in the U.S. is now POTUS.

As confusing as he appears to be, on the topic of racism, being married to a Yugoslavian (now Slovenian) woman and previously to another from the Czech Republic, Donald Trump has proven to be more than just a Billionaire businessman, he has shown that money moves everything around us, which includes ballot boxes to the dumpsters.
Considering all the unpredictable outcomes since of late, one cannot anticipate nor foresee the next likely occurrence; the God’s goal has been reached, which is to confuse the people of the world.

And with that in mind, we can only brace ourselves for the unknown.

Ian T. Sebàs © 2016

© Ian T. Sebàs

© Ian T. Sebàs



Visit the website and learn more about Elternabend The Movie.

Elternabend (The Movie) is currently underway; this project is as fascinating as the story itself is interesting.

Sourcing footage, leading interviews, directing the set, managing crowdfunding campaign, cameras, lightings and sounds are all a part of each day’s work.

The above photo was taken at AngelSaint /Jaetho Production studio, in Zürich, as we prepared the set.

Learn more about Elternabend (The Movie) at and or support this film by backing it on Kickstarter.


A #Brexit victory is a classic case of self-absorbance. The #UK cannot have its cake and eat it too; “union” is defined as combined groups becoming a whole, and being a group or a family means that you must accept your members for who or what they are, whether being good, bad or indifferent, and not jump ship when the members become a strain or a perceived pain.

Unlike #Switzerland who analyzed the #EU policies before accepting sections and paragraphs, and not the whole, the UK and its citizens are anticipated to receive less respect and be treated with prejudice, in the future, for once being a member, who left.

In politics, loyalty is paramount. And despite #Brits being renowned #Snobs, separating themselves from from their members, when strain is felt or when behavior of their members are not aligned with their preference, does not warrant severance; however, the #UnitedKingdom is free to separate, even if it transpires moral lowness.

On a personal note, the decision to “leave” the #EuropeanUnion  in the recent #EUreferendum is of no surprise; it is similar to the #Visa imposition on citizens of #Jamaica when a “scorn effect” changed laws over a country whose monarch remains to be the Queen of England.

Citizens of the UK are likely to be limited on their usual #FreeMovements to other European countries, and neighborly friendship and support are guaranteed to be weakened. #EUref

Ian T. Sebàs © 2016