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She was here, she was there, she was everywhere
Moving so fast, she blurred my stare
Talk about busy
Sis made me dizzy

Always on the move, like she had something to prove
She would get dressed while I was still nude
So, there was never really a flow
After each climax, she had to go

We just had a thing
I guess you could call it a fling
I call it an intersection
Paths crossed without a connection

Smiling faces
Short embraces
A colorful phase
Lasted exactly 45 days.

© Ian T. Sebàs 2020

Watch and learn about Jamaica’s passport powers and its visa-free zones, including the Caribbean Communities, a comparison to US and UK passports and commentary questioning the intelligence of Jamaicans with a suggestion that they were naive to allow sanctions of UK visas, while the Queen of England remains as Head of State.
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I bumped into my ex yesterday
We both smiled and struggled to say
After a recent goodbye
To what was once a relationship
Intense, but no longer exist

The moment was awkward
As we scrambled for a nice word
While thinking screams of profanity
And the worst names in humanity
To describe our re-evaluated worth
For filling each other’s hearts with hurt

But, we pretended that all was good
“Ending was the best thing for our moods”
Though desperate to disappear
From an encounter so hard to bear
It would have been rude to say no words
But honest, if we had just flipped each other
the bird.

© Ian T. Sebàs 2018

© Ian T. Sebàs

Your essence lingers
Like the smell of a fireplace during our nights in Winter
A radiant flare, fiery but warm
An unsteady dance, a weakening charm

Spooned, with a tune, until the moon subsides
Breathing says we’d be leaving, although still side by side
Snore opened a door to a distant land
Conjured seas and fine white sand

A tranquil escapade, captured as a view
Surreal existence with no me nor you
A rising sun, its dominating presence
Reminds me of you and your overwhelming essence

Then a flickering, a scramble of what I feel
Fascination, imagination, a question of real
My eyes now open, I can see your face
Fast asleep, maybe on my beach, giving me space.

© Ian T. Sebàs 2018

© Ian T. Sebàs

Relationship: such a simple word, but when put under a scope for scrutiny, its definition broadens beyond its every-day usage.

Simply put, a relationship is a union of two or more by inheritance and or choice.

Various combinations claim its title and most are uncontested, simply because it is one of life’s statuses which, in most cases, do not require our permissions.

Topping that chart are parents, children and relatives, while Chosen Relationships, which can also be a sub-category for Inherited Relationships are usually friendships, associations by occupations, schools, neighbourhood, marriages etc.

All the above have been pleasantly accepted by societies for generations, stemming from rich roots of intended decency.

Still, not all relationships are pleasant; despite being inherited or chosen, relationships have proven that they can be as equally ugly as they can be beautiful. So, do consider the fact that relationships can be a union of pain and torment, and for this reason, more or less, some relationships are placed on a “Do Not Like” list.

When being used, the ugliness is commonly excluded and only its pleasantry is usually regarded.

For this reason, the apparent pleasantry was put under a scope and revealed the astonishing question of “What pleasantry?”

It appears that over time, despite having unique purposes and strengths, most relationships have been persuaded by the ethics and framework of Business Relationship.

Relationships of all categories are gradually becoming commodities with a price tag, assets for sale, and worst of all, relationships are available on bargains, i.e. “If the price is right.”

If you were born after the 1980s, chances are that the definition of moral values is fictitious, to you, and is seen as a notion of motion-picture-make-believe or the works of fantasy writers.

A concept which became the new normal before forging itself as being real.

The old and wise, somewhere down the line, either became lazy and uninterested in passing the torch of knowledge onto the newborns or maybe they wickedly conspired to corrupt future generations by ridding all values of morality, including the wealth of health, i.e. Relationship.

Unity is strength and strength creates the possibility of wealth, in every aspect; thus, without unity… without relationships, we are weak.

Relationships are now considered assets of affordability, where quality and service vary by price.

Research has shown that only a small percentage of the human population still maintains relationships of ethics, moral values and true love, which are not being influenced by personal benefits, other than the mere union of other humans.

These relationships are mostly found in undeveloped regions of the world, with a flickering few still in modern societies and faces a threat to decline as modernization infiltrates.

These findings created a questionnaire:

“How many relationships do you have?”
“Are they really free of cost?”
“Are you paying for your relationships?”
“If your ability to give was immediately removed, how many of your relationships would still exist?”

© Ian T. Sebàs 2017

© Ian T. Sebàs

Psychological trauma is ranked as one of the most severe disturbances experienced by humans, with its ability to not only cut deep, emotionally, but to embed its effects for durations lasting up to eternity.

These durations vary from human to human, depending on age, genetics and individual environments; for this reason, it is not viable to think that an abused toddler suffers more and or longer than an adult, who have experienced a psychological disturbance.

Sexual abuse ranks high among psychological traumas, including but not limiting to rape, molestation and incest. Other psychological traumas spawn from exposure to violence, deaths, duress, hunger, disappointment and severe pain.

The term psychological refers to our mental state, our minds, our brains; the part of our bodies which operates as our consciousness and trauma is defined as an upset, a disturbance, a negative effect with the potential of causing permanent damages.

Thus, when a human being suffers from any degree of psychological trauma, health and livelihood are highly threatened and in most cases, injured.

There are no existing nor promised cure for sufferers of psychological traumas, but there are many practiced exercises which offer temporary reliefs and on the plus-side, depending on the age when a person initially suffered psychological trauma, a chance of it subsiding and allowing a healthy life is likely.

My theory is that the lingering effects of a psychological trauma, experienced by a child, depends on the length of time the sufferer lives, the practiced lifestyle and the environment in which the individual lives, after experiencing the mental abuse.

These elements equally tip the mental scale to subsiding and compounding the initial trauma.

I describe my theory as molasses and milk, using a glass of milk to represents a child’s pure, unfreckled, mind-set and the thick, gooey, dark molasses as the psychological trauma.

Add any amount of molasses to the glass of milk and the effect is obvious. The more molasses added will enhance the milk’s impurity.

My theory uses a glass of milk to represent a child, who is commonly expected to grow.

Furthermore, I am using a worst-case scenario, where the glass of milk was equally blended with molasses, leaving the milk darkened and insipid. If left as is or in a position where molasses continues to be added, the milk will eventually be fully consumed and lost; therefore, if the traumatized child remains in the environment where he or she is reminded of the trauma or further trauma continues, as with the milk and molasses, the health of the child’s mental state will eventually become incapacitated.

Likewise, if the glass of milk is removed from the environment and no more molasses is added, its growth will gradually dilute the tarnished effects; therefore, if the traumatized child is removed from the environment of abuse, to an environment where abuse is absent, growth combined with the adapted lifestyle can eventually subside the initial traumatic effects.

© Ian T. Sebàs 2017

© Ian T. Sebàs

As 101 year old, billionaire, Walter Chamberlain, laid in his hospital bed, the quieted murmurs of his wall-mounted television and the sounds from his life support machine creates a solemn melody.

He stares at the ceiling in seemingly lost thoughts, which was interrupted by a nurse, who entered his room to commence one of the daily routines.

She pleasantly greets the billionaire patient and immediately begin to refill his vases with daily fresh flowers before removing his breakfast tray and yesterday’s newspaper from his bedside. Finally, she asked him to briefly sit up, and as he complied, she quickly switched his pillows, replacing yesterday’s with today’s.

He looked at her questionably, but said nothing, and in attempt to avoid an awkward moment, the semi-nervous nurse politely smiled at the old man with a glance of admiration which was familiar to him.

Shortly afterwards, he unexpectedly uttered a query of concern to the nurse, regarding her mood and day, her face immediately lit up in gratitude as she declared that all was well; his lightly wrinkled face doubled with creases as he smiled in approval and murmured, “Good, good!”

Title: Confession of an Undertaker.

Author: Ian T. Sebàs

Genre: Fiction (based in real time)

Summary: An elderly billionaire, lying in what he hopes to be his death bed, confesses the treacherous deeds behind his wealth, his failure to repossess a pure soul and his suspicion to have been cursed with life.

Author Ian T. Sebàs takes us on a journey of his penmanship, starting from his birthplace in Kingston, Jamaica and into its violent capitals, where police raids, deaths and shooting were the norm, the effects of Jamaica’s dancehall and entertainers, his early education and the reason he began writing.

In this interview, Sebàs combed over his affiliation with music and his migration to the troublesome, crime-filled inner-city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the United States of America before journeying to the southern state of South Carolina, where he first ambitioned to become a published poet, and his association with the US Library of Congress, the ink trail of his writing’s passage, which led to Birmingham, England, where his publishing ambition experienced a series of pushbacks and diversions before reaching its success.

Learn about his first official publication, which interestingly was not a book, his current role as a Publisher and whether writing has made him wealthy.

“Writing is my everything” says the Author in this 30-minute interview “Writing is a powerful instrument.”

Fascinatingly, Ian T. Sebàs is not a fan of eWriters nor ePublishers, and despite seeing logics in the invention of eBooks, the author blames the technology for the invasion of fake authors and publishers.

While telling us about his favourite topic in writing, his favourite book, his bestselling novel and the inspirations behind some of his titles, he also elaborated on the cover of Coal in the Snow, another one of his books, and its transparent definition to his life in Switzerland.

Taking pride and full accreditation in being a role model, who broke the stereotyped expectations of inner-city children, who are born in slums of the world, which offer narrow to no escape from poverty, violence, early deaths and incarceration, Ian T. Sebàs explains the power of rebirth held by his adapted name and the significance of a changed life which it also represents.

Jaetho Production is an independent film production company, subsidiary of Sebastian Books, and producer of online videos, TV adverts, book trailers, documentaries and short films.

Founded by Author Ian T. Sebàs and Illustrator Tina Sebàs on October 6, 2015, Jaetho Production was officially launched in the Fall of 2016, in Zürich, Switzerland.

Marked by its black and white silhouette logo and slogan, “Reel Life”, Jaetho Production is also the sister-company of AngelSaint, which was also founded by the Sebàs duo. 

The imprint, AngelSaint, with its motto “Working With Wings” have always represented the combination of art and literature produced by the two, and have recently added motion pictures to its activities, with the affiliation of Jaetho Production.