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Author Ian T. Sebàs takes us on a journey of his penmanship, starting from his birthplace in Kingston, Jamaica and into its violent capitals, where police raids, deaths and shooting were the norm, the effects of Jamaica’s dancehall and entertainers, his early education and the reason he began writing.

In this interview, Sebàs combed over his affiliation with music and his migration to the troublesome, crime-filled inner-city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the United States of America before journeying to the southern state of South Carolina, where he first ambitioned to become a published poet, and his association with the US Library of Congress, the ink trail of his writing’s passage, which led to Birmingham, England, where his publishing ambition experienced a series of pushbacks and diversions before reaching its success.

Learn about his first official publication, which interestingly was not a book, his current role as a Publisher and whether writing has made him wealthy.

“Writing is my everything” says the Author in this 30-minute interview “Writing is a powerful instrument.”

Fascinatingly, Ian T. Sebàs is not a fan of eWriters nor ePublishers, and despite seeing logics in the invention of eBooks, the author blames the technology for the invasion of fake authors and publishers.

While telling us about his favourite topic in writing, his favourite book, his bestselling novel and the inspirations behind some of his titles, he also elaborated on the cover of Coal in the Snow, another one of his books, and its transparent definition to his life in Switzerland.

Taking pride and full accreditation in being a role model, who broke the stereotyped expectations of inner-city children, who are born in slums of the world, which offer narrow to no escape from poverty, violence, early deaths and incarceration, Ian T. Sebàs explains the power of rebirth held by his adapted name and the significance of a changed life which it also represents.

Tittle: Roy –  ISBN No. 978 0 9559662 o 0 – Genre: Children’s Book (rhyming story) – Author: Ian T. Sebàs – Illustrations: Tina Sebàs – Publishers: Sebastian Books (2010)


Title: Learning German with Alex
Author: Ian T. Sebàs
Genre: Children’s Book / Language
Publisher: Sebastian Books
Contributor: Tina Sebàs / AngelSaint
Date: Out Soon.

Create several genuine hypes about your book.
The first and most important thing in sale is likability; people will buy under three influences, which are liking the item up for sale, liking the salesperson and thirdly, trusting a brand they know. In the case of a book, the author and or publisher is the brand; therefore, if you are a new author, you have a clean slate, where you can create a reputation of trust or rejection. So, be sure that your hypes are 100% genuine by promoting what you can actually produce; buyers hate misleading ads.

1. Make yourself known by introducing yourself and talking about your book, what it entails and why should people read it. People like to be familiar with the author, his or her background, writing style, personality, point of views and the reason(s) why they write. This could be published as a written or video blog.

2. Create a book trailer
Videos are the best for drawing attention, to your book, because they get to the points faster than reading and people are touched, easier, with visual motions combined with melodies than they would be, with their own imaginations. So create a video, which captures the whole story of your book, along with a melody which suits the story. Try to keep your trailer short and to the point, I recommend anywhere from thirty seconds to two and a half minutes.

3. Have as many people as possible photographed with your book.
This marketing strategy requires two things in order to keep it genuine: 1. Ask individuals, who have already purchased and read your book, for a photograph and 2. “Take it to the street” (Field Marketing) by personally introducing your book to individuals; after all, your book is only one among millions published, so do not be afraid to fill your backpack with copies of your book and walk the streets of your preferred cities. I find that people will buy a book quicker when they have the chance of meeting the author, especially if he or she isn’t well known, than from a book store or online.

4. Brand your book
Give your book a loud voice by making it scream its name. This can be accomplished by branding. I have chosen baseball caps, T-shirts and pens, but the options are endless when it comes to branding your book; be loud and be proud.

5. Freebies
Giving back shows your appreciation and people like the word ‘free’, so be prepared to give seminars, public speaking, appearances, copies of your book and branding items, free of cost; this helps your likability ranking, plus it shows that your book promotion is not solely for making money, but for having your book and its message universally established.

Ian T Sebàs © 2016


Brace yourselves for what is anticipated to be one of the most eye-opening, educational and controversial book of 2016.

Author Ian T. Sebàs has announced that his long awaited and opinionated book, Men: The Dog In Us, which was written based upon a tremendous amount of research, is scheduled to be on shelves in just a few months (Summer of 2016).

The book takes position to justify the cliché Men Are Dogs along with known wild streaks and womanizing attitudes found in some men.

Its defense theories ranges from biological encodings to cultural influences and while the lit scope is focus mainly on the male gender, the book was not concluded without shining it’s own light on women.