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Piers Morgan, a self-absorbed and condescending, British journalist and co-anchor for a UK television program titled, “Good Morning, Britain”, recently used the ITV’s platform to air his prejudicial and bias views toward the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle.

Meghan Markle, an African American woman, who won the heart of Prince Harry of the British Royal Family before marrying him on May 19, 2018 has been received by the British public with scrutiny and mixed feelings, mainly because she is black and is of US nationality.

Piers Morgan is a middle age British man, television presenter and self-acclaimed intellect, who, in my eyes, has led a career of television interviews laced with sarcasm and indirect insults as ways to heighten ratings and create buzzing feedback from viewers.

In a recent broadcast, Meghan Markle attended the infamous Wimbledon, to support one of the world-renowned champions in tennis, Serena Williams.

Apparently, Meghan’s overnight gain of royal status has gone to her head and she forgot that one of her duties as a royal is to serve the public in more ways than one, and with obvious naivety to her expected behaviours in her new role, the US actress-turned-Duchess requested that no photos of her should be taken while being in attendance at the public arena.

Personally, I shunned at Meghan’s request with sneer and found it to be ridiculous and imprudent; she has gotten too big for her boots, too fast. Wimbledon is a public arena, which hosts public events, if the Duchess of Sussex required privacy, then she should have arranged some kind of tinted glass box, to sit in, with the management team of the arena.

Still, I remain a fan of the young royal couple, Harry and Meghan, and excused her behaviour with the fact that she is still new to her position and deserves a grace period to understand it all.

For her request of “no photographs”, the British public, to no surprise, attacked her wildly on social media, and rightly so; plus, I believed that those attacks will definitely help shape Meghan’s public behaviour in the future.

However, Piers Morgan, in pursuit of recognition, took to the air and while commenting on the conflicting episode, stated that Meghan should go back to America, if she wants privacy.

In my opinion, Piers Morgan is an Ass-Hole, bias and probably racist, who obviously grows bitter at the sights of interracial relationships and despise the fact that a black woman is now a part of the royal family.

Piers Morgan is a child, desperate for attention and does not care which type he receives, as long as his name is being mentioned, he considers it a win, and for that reason, I will say his name once more to soothe his tantrum, “Piers Morgan is an ass-hole!”

© Ian T. Sebàs 2019


closed eyes

Seeing Souls

I am blind to features
I hear and feel, but never see
God’s creatures
My sight sees a black hole
Flickering lights, representing souls
Powered to be pure
Worthy to explore
Close your eyes
Rid all whys
See no more
Blindness is a cure.

© Ian T. Sebàs 2019

Damion Crawford (Politician, Jamaica)

Art by Tina Sebàs

The Hon. Andrew Holness of Jamaica

Art by Tina Sebàs

Let’s talk about Jamaica or better yet, “Mek we talk bout Jamaica!”

As known to the world, Jamaica is one of Earth’s most beautiful countries, as far as landscape goes, and could be discussed to amazed adventurers and Bucket List tourists, in more than a million ways. And it is true, no photoshop edits and no hidden disclaimers are to its advertised beauty; Jamaica is simply a natural beautiful place.

But Jamaica is equally ugly among its inhabitants. This beautiful gem has been suffering for years from the gridlock of corruption.

For a Country, which is one of the world’s most desired and go-to tourist destinations, raking in millions of dollars annually, most of its residing residents continue to live below poverty line, resulting in frustration, aggression and an often render to crime and violence as solutions.

Still, this ugly nature within the island has never been successful in dimming the light of beauty which this country is made up of.

Warmth, kindness and friendly smiles remain unmoved from the faces of the majority; Jamaicans, who are proud to call this island, “The Land of My Birth” or simply “home”.

Let’s talk about Jamaica, its history, its current affairs, its culture, its changes. Mek We Talk Bout Jamaica, because a fi we place, whether we are there or temporarily living abroad. Let’s discuss every little issue as means of making our opinions heard as an influence of direction. Mek We Talk Bout Jamaica to show that we care. It’s simple: I talk about an issue, you agree or disagree, comment to start a reasoning because each one, teach one. And don’t forget to subscribe.

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We went to One Eighty Beach Club to spend the afternoon of our tenth anniversary on September 26, 2018. We were running late and sent an email explaining so, which was replied to, almost immediately, assuring us not to worry and by the time we arrived, checking in was smooth in respect to our reservation.

The reception area was welcoming, and both the checking-in staff and the cart driver were professional and friendly.

Unfortunately, we were unable to book the VIP area for our special day. Despite the website only allowing intended patrons to reserve a date and time, and not a chosen section, we were told that the VIP area was all booked up for the month of September.

Apart from that, the beach club is almost as accurately beautiful and relaxing as it is advertised. The grounds are kept extremely clean, but the waiters can be a little overwhelming, which may put a slight discomfort in the air; it is as if they are directed to force patrons to exhaust their spending limits as fast as possible. Before having a chance to be situated on the sunbed, they were consistently checking if we wanted something to eat or drink, and eventually after making our first order, they were still asking us if they could bring us another drink etc.

This may be their way of making you feel not wanting for anything, but it could also create some discomfort. In addition to your spending amount, there are taxes, which almost guarantee you paying out extra cash on top of your initial payment.

The changing room versus the toilets are still unclear; despite being directed to the changing room twice, in two different directions, we ended up in a toilet both times, so there’s still no certainty if there are changing rooms separate from the toilets or if they are both the same.

The atmosphere is very relaxing with great soundtracks being played in the background and the view of the ocean is just breathtakingly beautiful and priceless.

The pool is ok, but the edge area of the pool could be seen as overrated. The water was cloudy, therefore, to physically see what was underneath the glass wasn’t easy, but wear and tear of sills which held the glass were transparent and took away a lot from our great expectation.

The food was great, the beers we had were cold and the coconuts were refreshing.

We met one of the workers there, whose name was Swastika, and sparked a conversation based upon his name. He was equally friendly, with a great sense of humor, while being the most welcoming and warm host any beach club could have.

We would definitely return to the One Eighty Edge beach club for its vibe, its view, its food and drinks, and yeah, to chit-chat again with Swastika; overall, we had a great day.

© Ian T. Sebàs 2018