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Racism is one of those subjects which project a mixture of reactions, it is a topic that makes some people cringe, others wallow and some try to ignore. But it is as real as any other subject which attracts those same reactions, I.e. pedophile, slavery, religion, politics and so on.

But, racism, like most things has changed as time lapses, and because it no longer appears in its raw format, some would like to think that it is non-existent, but that isn’t true, racism has only developed to a modernization just as much as slavery has.

Slaves no longer work without pay nor are they bound in chains and brought from Africa; today’s slaves receive wages, bound-free and locally grown.
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Racism began when the White people who were only accustomed to seeing white skins, voyaged to Africa, seeking power and glory from their own kind, came across Blacks, humans of a darker pigmentation.

An immediate stance of denial was embraced, the whites refused to believe that they were not the only humans on planet Earth and classed the human-looking Blacks as animals, a pedigree-like breed of monkeys and apes, but still they could not deny the physical strength of the Blacks and saw them as valuable commodities for manual labor.

Captured and sold naked, again it could not be denied that their physiques were identical to the white humans; they did not bark nor grunt, they spoke in languages, unidentified by the whites, who initially thought it was mere sounds from the pedigree breed of monkeys.

Again, that theory quickly lost its merits as the Blacks adapted the languages of the Whites, mimicking them in 100% speech and comprehension.
Jamaica EmancipationStatue
Having the need for their physical strength and not wanting to accept them as humans put most Whites in a bind, who later accepted the Blacks as humans, but never as their equal, which, in turn, gave birth to racism.

And it was from that point when racism was defined as a resentment of equality based upon the skin color of human beings.

Credit is due to the many Whites who rebelled against such racist stance and fought for the equality of Black people. Those fights, whether on the field or in parliament houses, have made significant effects, changing things from the way they were to the way it is today.

It has been a slow change process, but the changes are undeniable.
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Today, racism still exist, but the positions of the categories, which have always existed, have been shuffled.

I categorized racism into three parts.

Part 1. A hate and despise of a human being based upon his or her having a different color. Part 2. No hate and no despise of any person having a different color, but resents all useful productivity or success of such person. Part 3. Choosing not to associate with a person of a different color.

Hate and despise of a human being based upon his or her skin color is the origin and foundation of racism, which led the prejudice for centuries, but today it has found itself back and forth at second and third place. First place act of racism now belongs to ‘Part 2’ of having no hate and no despise of any person because of their skin color, but resents all useful productivity or success of such person.

This one has become the lead aspect of modern racism; in other words, black and white are commonly seen as friends, some are even intimately involved, this is called an inter-racial relationship, which is widely established and active in many countries of the world, but in most of these unions or associations, it has been proven that even though there’s no hate nor despise based upon skin color, resentments have been displayed based upon achievements versus color, i.e. a White friend frowns because his Black friend lives in a mansion and he doesn’t or a Black person frowns because his White friend dunks a basketball better than he does.
Subconsciously, in those two scenarios, exist a non-acceptance based upon skin color.

Then there are those who choose to not associate with a person of a different color, for any reason, not even to ask for the time, directions or the least assistance; despite their other reasons, as long as skin color plays a part, it fuels racism.

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