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Our abilities as humans have been crippled, delayed, compromised and continue to progress sluggishly, for centuries, by one reason and one reason only; ignorance.

Ignorance which has plagued our existence and continues to do so, since man began recording time.

As much as we would like to believe that we are one of nature’s most intelligent creatures, evidence has shown that we are slow.

Like all other creatures, we found ourselves evolving in a world filled with various elements and occurrences, a world we know nothing about, where the elements remain unmoved and the occurrences reoccur, continuously, seemingly as a method of voiceless teachings; still, through it all, we remain ignorant by understanding so little of what is heard and seen.

Interestingly, we are mainly crippled by our own discovered abilities and the minor, though appearing major, improvements they seem to make to our advances.

Two great examples would be electricity and slavery.

Once electricity was discovered, we looked no further for ways to light up this world, electricity was that source of power and the answer which lit up the world and darkened our long-sight.

Since the discovery of electricity, we have used it to do almost everything, from seeing in the dark to a zapping the life out of each other, as means of penal punishment; it has been such a great discovery, that mankind cannot live without it, no more than they could live without believing that slavery was one of their most genius ideas, ever.

In the not so early stages of realizing our existence, our ignorance was so rife that we not only thought that the oceans were flat surfaces, where if we sailed too far out, the ships would fall into the unknown, but rife to the point, that humans of different colours and superiority were an absurd notion.

This belief of the flat oceans was eventually challenged, by our curiosity and bravery; its revelation, in turn, shouted at us that we were wrong and will be wrong with many more speculations to follow.

Those chance-taking voyages resulted not only in the discoveries of endless seas, but more lands and other human beings, with differences.

Humans, who were initially deemed as animals, for having darker skins, natural immunity from the sun’s heat, higher level of physical strength with an equal balance of aggression, were seen as a valuable finding.

Unlike an ass or a cow, who aided in the fields for farming, Blacks were deemed as more valuable because they could actually talk, despite the notion of them being non-humans, who might have been only superior to apes and monkeys, but never to Whites, who were believed to be the only race of humans.

Slavery which reigned for centuries before being challenged and abolished, still stands as one of mankind’s greatest accomplishments, and like the discovery of electricity, mankind does not know how to move forward without applying it or its remnants to their developing world.

After all the civil actions which triggered political amendments and resulted in laws abolishing slavery, we just can’t seem to let it go.

Slavery, like electricity, was so genius, that the mere thought of finding another way, drains our energy; its usefulness has blindsided our vision to look further.

And as man’s odyssey of conquering the world continues to build and rebuild, labour is required.

Lobbying to reinstate slavery would probably start a war, which no one wants, but the inability to forget its benefits has become a burden to bear, by the ambitious, want-to-be Masters of the Universe otherwise known as the 1% or the super-rich.

Greed has manufactured an ambition to be richer than rich; it’s called being super rich.

Being super rich is having it all, while others have none. And in order to accomplish this status, slaves are required, but considering that slavery is now illegal, and one could wind up in a prison cell rather than the envisioned mansion, a new strategy has been developed; modern-day slavery.

Modern-day Slavery is almost as genius as the original slavery; it is still profitable, just not as profitable as classic slavery.

Classic slavery – slaves received no income and it was established that slaves were slaves, non-whites, underdogs, less of human etc., while with modern-day slavery, slaves are of various colours and ethnicities, though still dominantly black, receive incomes, labelled as employees and are protected by labour laws.

But it is the same labour laws, which allows the possibility of modern-day slavery, where it allows the ambitious want-to-be super-rich to legally enslave humans, by using the narrowest definitions of its written legalities.

Before the abolishment, slaves were easily identified by the colour of their skin; this has been replaced by levels of intelligence, which are now identified in CVs.

Blacks are still considered the best assets of the trade, for the same old reasons, and a presumption that they have always been, and still is the most illiterate race.

Modern-day Slavery is thriving at its best today because it is invisible to most, who cannot see past titled positions and the term ‘multi-tasking’ which are rewarded by measly incomes, nor grasp slavery’s resurrection, unless it shows as black people working in chains.

© Ian T. Sebàs 2017

© Ian T. Sebàs

Donald Trump
Donald Trump has been declared the 45th President of the United States of America.

Yes, you read right; I said, “Donald Trump has been declared the 45th President of the United States of America!”

I’ll now give you a moment to let that sink in and ask WTF is going on in the world; I already done that, myself, and have come to a conclusion, because Donald Trump’s victory has shot my knowledge of U.S. Democracy into pieces. After all, I am the same Blogger, who wrote the piece titled Trump’s Trumpet, a piece which I strongly believed in when I wrote “Apparently, Donald Trump, a former democrat now a republican, wants to be the next POTUS, and I am going to predict that It will not happen!”

Well, there goes my prediction up in smoke.

But after the Brexit saga, in Europe, the world suspected that anything could happen when it comes to polytricks, I mean politics.

Most importantly, Mr. Trump’s victory has proven that the Gods rule and that voting is a joke.

The Gods control the media and despite the people’s actual votes, numbers desired by the Gods are displayed on televisions and across the internet, as facts, and the candidate of choice, by these Gods, will always win.
Democracy is dead. The United Kingdom may not be consisted of the world’s most intelligent citizens, but they are way above the standard of average illiteracy.

Those numbers displayed virtually as a Brexit win has yet to match the actual reactions of the people of the U.K.
And now Donald Trump, a man who ran a campaign on Racism, Hate, Xenophobia and Sexism, has been declared victorious in the race to the White House; a man, who has encountered more boos than praise in the U.S. is now POTUS.

As confusing as he appears to be, on the topic of racism, being married to a Yugoslavian (now Slovenian) woman and previously to another from the Czech Republic, Donald Trump has proven to be more than just a Billionaire businessman, he has shown that money moves everything around us, which includes ballot boxes to the dumpsters.
Considering all the unpredictable outcomes since of late, one cannot anticipate nor foresee the next likely occurrence; the God’s goal has been reached, which is to confuse the people of the world.

And with that in mind, we can only brace ourselves for the unknown.

Ian T. Sebàs © 2016

© Ian T. Sebàs

© Ian T. Sebàs