We went to One Eighty Beach Club to spend the afternoon of our tenth anniversary on September 26, 2018. We were running late and sent an email explaining so, which was replied to, almost immediately, assuring us not to worry and by the time we arrived, checking in was smooth in respect to our reservation.

The reception area was welcoming, and both the checking-in staff and the cart driver were professional and friendly.

Unfortunately, we were unable to book the VIP area for our special day. Despite the website only allowing intended patrons to reserve a date and time, and not a chosen section, we were told that the VIP area was all booked up for the month of September.

Apart from that, the beach club is almost as accurately beautiful and relaxing as it is advertised. The grounds are kept extremely clean, but the waiters can be a little overwhelming, which may put a slight discomfort in the air; it is as if they are directed to force patrons to exhaust their spending limits as fast as possible. Before having a chance to be situated on the sunbed, they were consistently checking if we wanted something to eat or drink, and eventually after making our first order, they were still asking us if they could bring us another drink etc.

This may be their way of making you feel not wanting for anything, but it could also create some discomfort. In addition to your spending amount, there are taxes, which almost guarantee you paying out extra cash on top of your initial payment.

The changing room versus the toilets are still unclear; despite being directed to the changing room twice, in two different directions, we ended up in a toilet both times, so there’s still no certainty if there are changing rooms separate from the toilets or if they are both the same.

The atmosphere is very relaxing with great soundtracks being played in the background and the view of the ocean is just breathtakingly beautiful and priceless.

The pool is ok, but the edge area of the pool could be seen as overrated. The water was cloudy, therefore, to physically see what was underneath the glass wasn’t easy, but wear and tear of sills which held the glass were transparent and took away a lot from our great expectation.

The food was great, the beers we had were cold and the coconuts were refreshing.

We met one of the workers there, whose name was Swastika, and sparked a conversation based upon his name. He was equally friendly, with a great sense of humor, while being the most welcoming and warm host any beach club could have.

We would definitely return to the One Eighty Edge beach club for its vibe, its view, its food and drinks, and yeah, to chit-chat again with Swastika; overall, we had a great day.

© Ian T. Sebàs 2018

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Why were we born and why will we die
Why are some of us grounded while others roam the sky
Why are some rich and why are some poor
Why should I settle for less when others get more

Why are we lonely even though we are not alone
Why do we stay in a house which will never be a home
Why do we speak when we can be mute
Why do we lie and avoid telling the truth

Why is it necessary to be approved by a crowd
Why is it better to hold our heads up to the cloud
Why are we never good just as we are
Why must I do more to be seen as a star

Why are some black and why are some white
Why am I wrong and why are you right
Why be confused when we can just sigh
Why wonder about the reasons of why.

© Ian T. Sebàs 2018

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Of all the beautiful women around the world, only a small percentage are sexy, but saying that, there are millions of sexy women around the world, who are not beautiful.

Sounds confusing, right?

That is because there has been a longstanding concept of a woman being beautiful and being sexy, a claim which suggest that a beautiful woman is automatically sexy, and an ugly or average looking woman is usually not sexy; this belief could not be more wrong.

Although feminine beauty should be scored by accounting for all of a woman’s natural attributes, most women are usually deemed beautiful or ugly based on their facial features.

But there are many cases where a woman’s facial features have ticked all the beauty boxes, but she is flat-chested and built like a boy. “Is she beautiful, is she sexy or should we, as a society, just put her in the box that’s marked ‘She is a Woman’?”

My personal favourite is the one where the woman’s facial features does not tick any of the beauty boxes, but she has curves like an hourglass and a chest and bottom to further compliment her figure. “Is she beautiful, sexy or should she be put in the ‘She is a Woman’ box too?”

Of course, all of this is just folly and should not even be a subject matter; after all, beauty is said to be in the eyes of the beholder.

But that is easier said than done, because we live in a world where most women like to feel special for having a thing or two above the rest, and who could blame them; they are women, prized human beings, craved by men and are admired wherever they go.

A woman’s beauty is an eminent ego booster, not only for herself, but for everyone linked to her, including her parents, siblings and her winning spouse; they all feel a little bit taller when she is recognized as beautiful.

Beauty has its powers and should be admired as a unique gift, but in all truth, beautiful women are less effective to men than sexy women.

A woman’s beauty, like any other beautiful thing, offers the satisfaction of sight, but sexy takes our senses to a whole other level.

Sexy, which should not be confused with beauty, has its own powers and sense-soothing abilities.

Unlike beauty, which draws attention mostly to a woman’s face, “sexy” appears in many ways; there is the sexy walk, the sexy talk, the sexy look, the sexy smile, the sexy touch, the sexy stance (sitting, standing or laying) and although there are a lot of sexy garments made to enhance sexiness, without one of these sexy attitudes, they are useless.

Women are naturally powerful beings, despite being scored as beautiful, sexy or not; their essence says it all, and the few who possess both beauty and sexy are forces to be reckoned.

So, ladies, ask yourself “Are you beautiful, sexy or are you a force to be reckoned?”

© Ian T. Sebàs 2018

Whenever I see a woman’s ass, I can’t help but stare
My eyeballs catapult and my mind starts to cheer
Whether from a distant view or being very near
A woman’s ass takes my attention anytime, anywhere

What is it about a woman’s ass, I asked myself
That causes such provocation to my health
Eyeball strain, tunnel vision and rubber neck
Behaviours which are misconstrued as disrespect

On the contrary, it’s my admiration of a woman’s power
A hypnotism force from something as quaint as a flower
Which challenges my manly strength and makes me cower
Causing me to seek distractions or crave a cold shower

Naturally exposed or clothed as a mask
To look the other way, would be a difficult task
I have tried but failed to control my compass
And accepted it as natural to stare at a woman’s ass.

© Ian T. Sebàs 2018