Earl ‘DMX’ Simmons (1970 -2021)

“Have you ever had a joint experience with someone whose interpretation of the occurrence could not have been more divergent than yours?”

a. Roy handed in his resignation because he was fed up with the bosses at Kanali’s Construction Company (KCC), for not supplying him with safety gears, but after finding new employment with another company who contacted KCC about Roy’s work ethics and history, KCC reported that Roy was fired for tardiness.

b. Dolly, who ran an illegal betting shop, was asleep in her bed when hard knocks at her door woke her up. It was the police, who broke into her home, trashed it, stole her money and arrested her for disturbing the peace. In court, officers testified that reports of a loud noise led them to the address, where they were invited in by Dolly, who had been vandalizing the property with a sledge-hammer.

c. Tom signed up for online dating. His profile read: “looking for hook-ups, fun and friendship, no long term relationships, please”. Theresa was one of many takers, who found Tom’s profile attractive and hooked up with him.

But after the fourth hook-up, Tom ended things with her because she wanted more than casual romance.

Eleven months later, the two bumped into each other at a supermarket. Tom was all smiles as he greeted Theresa, who gave him an ugly sneer, before angrily saying, “How dare you speak to me after you led me on, deceived me and broke my heart?” Tom was dumbfounded.

d. Jane was surprised when her friend Claire gave her her vintage leather jacket as a birthday gift. But after Jane moved an hour away to live with her boyfriend, Claire accused Jane of stealing her jacket.

What exactly is that all about, you may ask. “Should we narrow it down to human nature or should we take opposing sides?” derange v dementia.

If it is forgetfulness (dementia) then there are a lot of mentally ill people walking around and if it is a consciousness craving for chaos and confusion, it is deranged, where clearly some of us just love a conflict; lies makes us feel alive and jealousy is an emotion that many struggle to suppress or control.

© Ian T. Sebàs 2021

Algorithms are softwares designed by men who have implemented their own viewpoints and tendencies in coding to save face of transparent biases when results are unfavorable to a particular race or gender. In most cases females are labeled as less credible and proficient than males and Blacks are less credible than Whites. “Ain’t this a 🤬?”
– Ian T. Sebàs –

A global panic attack, that’s what it was. As 2019 approached its end, news of an airborne germ sent the world into a handwashing, disinfecting, mask-wearing frenzy, and a place called Wuhan, China was named the epicentre.

Prior to this, other than the people who lived in China, only a handful of us had ever heard of Wuhan, but now the name was imprinted in our minds leaving a feeling of connection.

For most of us, it was our first experience of a pandemic; after all, none of us were around at the time of the Plague of Justinian or the time of bubonic plague called the Black Death. Those being the first two epidemics, the latter occurring in the fourteenth century, shows clearly that we have always been walking on thin ice at the mercies of germs. Tuberculosis and HIV/AID were the last two, which some of us, who experienced the 2019 epidemic were aware of, but it was clear that awareness did not equate to preparedness because, boy, were we lost for a solution.

Named the Coronavirus of 2019 and coined COVID-19 as a highly contagious disease caused by a severe acute respiratory syndrome, this one was sneaky and tricky to handle because although positive indications of contracting the virus were listed as having a fever, shortness of breath and loss of senses, there were cases with no symptoms at all.

So, it was clear that Scientists and all the world’s medical professionals had their work cut out for them. And as usual, they got busy trying to do what they always do when there is a mistake, an accident or a problem, they sought after a solution. 

In this case, it was like grabbing the bull by its horn……for a long time too. An entire year went by and it felt like the world literally stood still.

Gripped with travel bans and quarantines, our lives adjusted to virtual realities of education and work, but it being the first pandemic for most, was impossible to sail smooth, interruptions to overnight-drafted protocols occurred often, most were out of ignorance, selfish acts and others were deemed necessary, in one or two cases, sacrificial.

Despite trusting world government and medical advisers to practice social distancing as a preventive measure, humanity continued to propel in its worst and best ways, so when George Floyd was killed in the USA, in an inhumane manner, the world thought it was a worthy cause to break protocol in protest of social and racial injustices. 

During this time, millions of people around the world exercised zero social distancing and remained virus-free.

This along with other incidents, cast shadows of doubt on the truth about COVID-19, its existence, its transmission level and whether or not it was fabricated for the purpose of an experiment or world control. Meanwhile television and social medias showed news of people dying from the virus every day.

Speculations merged with conspiracy theories equated to confusion, mistrust and doubts.  And by the time a recommended solution was introduced, it only heightened the uncertainties even more.

The year 2020 ascended with the introduction of a two-part vaccine, which was said to likely aid the problem of COVID-19, but because the manufacturers of the vaccine mandated a ‘no liability’ clause which was supported by most governments, some people were extremely hesitant of its use.

A ‘no liability’ clause interpreted to TAKE AT OWN RISK without actually stating those words, and those who were able to decipher its translation went into immediate protective modes.

Many people took this position, but no other groups of humans were more obviously apprehensive than those of the Black race, and rightly so; after all, they had an unfortunate and unforgettable history with vaccine.

Between 1932 and 1972 in Tuskegee, Alabama in the United States of America, the black race was targeted and tricked into believing that they were being vaccinated to improve their health while the truth was that they were being injected with syphilis, a bacterial infection, as a study of the infection and the biological reaction of the infected people.  Considering that this study was of recent times, approved and permitted by a branch of government, the US Public Health Services, it is evident why most black people are weary about taking a vaccine for COVID-19.

© Ian T. Sebàs 2021

Popcaan by Tina Sebàs

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 Brought unwillingly across the seas
 To the North, the South and the West Indies
 We toiled the soils and plant the trees
 Reaping fruits on our hands and knees
 Not fully human - that’s how we’re seen
 Mighty mammals to be used as machines
 Captured by orders of Kings and Queens
 Valuable tools for the American dream
 But -
 Our use has since been outdated
 Our bloodline regenerated
 Our conditions - dilapidated
 Our moods - angry and frustrated
 Left by the wayside to rust and decay
 Some rebel - go to hell, while others trust and pray
 That all men will be truly treated equal one day
 And end the refute of a truce now on display.
 © Ian T. Sebas 2021 

Capleton by Tina Sebàs

Oh, him; I know him well
So much about him I could tell
He always had to be the best
It’s his way to belittle the rest

He lives to have and know the most
He’d feel dead if he failed to boast
About the women, the homes, the cars
The champagne bottles and caviar

To learn that I am of the elite
A class of which he can’t compete
Brought him a sudden distress
And so, he began to regress

He came, he saw, he wondered
My result made him pondered
Not being the smartest person in the room
Is the reason he was here but gone so soon.

© Ian T. Sebàs 2020

The year was 2004, the place: Birmingham, England, United Kingdom. My wife and I were proud first-time owners of a dog, a seven-week old Staffordshire Bullterrier, which forced us to learn, real quick, how expensive it was to care for a dog. He was pedigree, and after registering him in Kennel Club UK, we followed all other instructions given to us by his Seller/Breeder, which included feeding him only with water and Eukanuba dog chow for the first phase of his life.

I don’t know about now, but I remembered Eukanuba being very expensive, so I was more than pleased when it was time to move on to the other dog chow and canned meats. And once he had a taste of canned meat, it was a point of no return, he was not having plain dog chow anymore, so we started to mix the dry dog chow with canned meats, usually Pedigree or the Bakers brand. Pedigree was more expensive than Bakers and it was clear that our dog loved the Pedigree brand more; still, he gladly ate either one when it was served.

One time, as I was preparing one of his mixed meals, I was surprised to find a huge chunk of solid blue plastic in a can of Bakers dog food. I was not pleased and wrote a strongly worded letter to the Bakers company, who responded with a heartfelt apology and compensated us with free Bakers canned foods.

As much as we appreciated the apology and their kind initiation to make up for the mishap, my mind was crowded with negative imaginations, so much that I just did not fully trust the brand anymore, and although I oftentimes still bought Bakers, I was always mindful of the incident and served my dog’s food with extreme care.

Moving on to the year 2020, many years after life and nature had caused us and our dog to part ways, and we were no longer living in the United Kingdom.

It was the year of the infamous pandemic, COVID-19, and we had been living in Switzerland for approximately a decade.

Running up to 2020, the world went mad trying to save the planet, promoting green, introducing electric cars and had a worldwide ban on plastic.

The only trouble with that was the adaptability of human beings and the apparent inability to abandon the use of anything once it had been introduced to them and served a purpose; the comfort it offers always supersedes the threat it promises.

So, should my wife and I have been surprised when we purchased a large bag of French Fries at an Aldi supermarket, in Switzerland, and found a big chunk of blue plastic in our frying pan, which had tumbled out among the sliced potatoes?

As you could imagine, this immediately brought me back to the incident of sixteen years earlier.

We reported the incident to Aldi CH and was required to fill out a form and send the sample of plastic in for evidence. After being scrutinized and verified, Aldi CH wrote us an email apologizing for the incident and added that because the plastic was not consumed or caused any harm, an apology was the most they could do.

“What nerve, they had; at least Bakers had given us some free canned foods for our dog.”

Time had changed and so was business ethics, customers weren’t valued as they once did, and just like that we went on with our lives, shopping at Aldi but being cautious as we eat their products.

But would you believe our luck or should I say bad luck, only a few months after that incident, my wife and I bought a pack of nussli salad at a Lidl in Switzerland, only to find a similar plastic lay-waiting to be consumed.

“Is Aldi and Lidl the same people?” my wife asked.

“No, I don’t think so!” was my response “Why?”

“Look!” she said showing me the plastic found in the salad.

At this point I have had enough, so I did what I do best even before contacting Lidl; I write (this blog). Before I get another email of apology, free salads or money, I am writing because all the compensation in the world cannot give back a lost life, and that is exactly what’s being threatened at the moment; the lives of consumers.

These mega food suppliers have to take much better care when supplying food, stop being careless and relying on our understanding nature of “these things do happen”….a lot of things happen but one thing that didn’t happen was a flaw when I paid for the product, my debit card didn’t accidentally offered a foreign object, it offered only the respected and expected financial sum, so in respect of fair trade, I would prefer to have the food I paid for without plastic.

© Ian T. Sebàs 2020