To be ‘Farrin Minded’ (having the desire to migrate permanently) has been embedded in the Jamaican culture, for as long as I have known it, and by the time most Jamaicans are in the first grade of primary schools, they possess an overbearing burning desire to live in a foreign country.

And although ‘foreign’ is correctly defined as all other countries outside of one’s homeland, ‘farrin’, when mentioned by Jamaicans often refers to the United States of America, Canada and the United Kingdom, respectively. All other countries are seen, by Jamaicans, as ‘second-grade farrin’.

This burning desire to migrate spawns from Jamaica’s longstanding history of having an unstable economy, which in turn results in most of the country’s inhabitants being poverty stricken and desperate for a way out.

Of the desired three countries, the United States of America is closest in distance to Jamaica and possesses a thriving economy, which promises an abundance of opportunities.

And for this reason, the U.S. has been the number one desired foreign destination for migrating Jamaicans, resulting in hundreds of thousands of Jamaicans becoming permanent residents and naturalized citizens of the United States. Among the Jamaican expats in the US, there are thousands of illegal immigrants too, who either entered the United States illegally and or overstayed their prescribed time on short-term visas.

Despite their legal or illegal presence in the United States, Jamaicans are there to stay, with most having no desire of ever living in Jamaica again.

But along with making the United States of America their new home, it has been transparent that most Jamaicans in the United States of America suffer from Stockholm Syndrome.

“Stockholm Syndrome” refers to a psychological phenomenon of a relationship, when victims adore, praise or sympathize with their persecutor.

Jamaicans are naturally boastful people and any level of gravitation towards a perceived betterment is usually used as a reason to show-off, so, living in the United States of America is not only seen as a better chance for livelihood, by them, but it is also seen as having a bragging right over Jamaicans deemed stuck on their native island.

Thus, even though after moving to the United States of America, most Jamaicans are affected by culture shocks before becoming victims of societal prejudices, it is being preferred by Jamaicans living in the United States of America to accept, turn a blind eye or sugar-coat their realities.

© Ian T. Sebàs 2019


Piers Morgan, a self-absorbed and condescending, British journalist and co-anchor for a UK television program titled, “Good Morning, Britain”, recently used the ITV’s platform to air his prejudicial and bias views toward the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle.

Meghan Markle, an African American woman, who won the heart of Prince Harry of the British Royal Family before marrying him on May 19, 2018 has been received by the British public with scrutiny and mixed feelings, mainly because she is black and is of US nationality.

Piers Morgan is a middle age British man, television presenter and self-acclaimed intellect, who, in my eyes, has led a career of television interviews laced with sarcasm and indirect insults as ways to heighten ratings and create buzzing feedback from viewers.

In a recent broadcast, Meghan Markle attended the infamous Wimbledon, to support one of the world-renowned champions in tennis, Serena Williams.

Apparently, Meghan’s overnight gain of royal status has gone to her head and she forgot that one of her duties as a royal is to serve the public in more ways than one, and with obvious naivety to her expected behaviours in her new role, the US actress-turned-Duchess requested that no photos of her should be taken while being in attendance at the public arena.

Personally, I shunned at Meghan’s request with sneer and found it to be ridiculous and imprudent; she has gotten too big for her boots, too fast. Wimbledon is a public arena, which hosts public events, if the Duchess of Sussex required privacy, then she should have arranged some kind of tinted glass box, to sit in, with the management team of the arena.

Still, I remain a fan of the young royal couple, Harry and Meghan, and excused her behaviour with the fact that she is still new to her position and deserves a grace period to understand it all.

For her request of “no photographs”, the British public, to no surprise, attacked her wildly on social media, and rightly so; plus, I believed that those attacks will definitely help shape Meghan’s public behaviour in the future.

However, Piers Morgan, in pursuit of recognition, took to the air and while commenting on the conflicting episode, stated that Meghan should go back to America, if she wants privacy.

In my opinion, Piers Morgan is an Ass-Hole, bias and probably racist, who obviously grows bitter at the sights of interracial relationships and despise the fact that a black woman is now a part of the royal family.

Piers Morgan is a child, desperate for attention and does not care which type he receives, as long as his name is being mentioned, he considers it a win, and for that reason, I will say his name once more to soothe his tantrum, “Piers Morgan is an ass-hole!”

© Ian T. Sebàs 2019

closed eyes

Seeing Souls

I am blind to features
I hear and feel, but never see
God’s creatures
My sight sees a black hole
Flickering lights, representing souls
Powered to be pure
Worthy to explore
Close your eyes
Rid all whys
See no more
Blindness is a cure.

© Ian T. Sebàs 2019

5 Minutes With Robin
Today, a Robin landed on my leg
Looked at me by tilting its head
I thought it was brave
In the manner it behaved

With no fear
It just sat and stared
As if it already knew my reaction
That I’d only smile with satisfaction

Then I became curious
Of how many people this little Robin trust
I wanted to ask, but never uttered a word
Afraid that my voice might scare the friendly bird

We sat together, no questions, no chirps
Thinking to myself, “Well, this is a first!”
Was it the colours I wore or my perfume’s scent?
It looked and it shook, then off it went.

© Ian T. Sebàs 2019

Birth: An emerge from unconsciousness into a state named Life.
Life: Colourful activities of an abstract existence occurring every day.
Day: A duration of sunlight or brightness intercepted by night.
Night: A darkness indicating a complete rotation of Earth.
Earth: Home of all living things until death.
Death: A resumption of unconsciousness.

Again, as we wake to the noises of life and its never-ending chaos, we embrace today without choice; this is life, a fated existence beyond our control, journeyed with speculations and vain pursuance of ideals, religions, politics and wealth, harnessed by trained emotions of prejudice and endless -isms while being staggered by love.

And so, Earth’s natural murmurs are drowned out by our activities, gradually, we grew deaf to its tune and blind to its revolving order, as crucial information subsides.

Still, there is hope. Earth is big, and we occupy only a small part of it.

Explore outside the confines of man-made societies, trek to the mountains and inhale, swim in rivers, lakes and seas; exhale. Discover other creatures in their natural habitat. Say nothing, and you will hear the natural melodies of Earth, apply patience and you will hear the message.

© Ian T. Sebas 2019

Damion Crawford (Politician, Jamaica)

Art by Tina Sebàs